Custom Cable Assembly Solutions Engineering Support

Choose INTE-AUTO for Complete and High-performance Custom Cable Assembly Solutions for Medical, Military, Testing, Measurement, Instrumentation, and other industries.

  • Expertise in design, manufacturing, and assembly of cable and connectors.
  • Over-molded cable assemblies specializing in thermoplastic and silicon materials.
  • Straight over-molded and right angle over-molded shapes are available.
  • Cost-effective, quick production, high-quality standards to meet your timeline.

Custom Cable Assembly Solutions Engineering Support

Choose INTE-AUTO for Complete and High-performance Custom Cable Assembly Solutions for Medical, Military, Testing, Measurement, Instrumentation, and other industries.

  • Expertise in design, manufacturing, and assembly of cable and connectors.
  • Over-molded cable assemblies specializing in thermoplastic and silicon materials.
  • Straight over-molded and right angle over-molded shapes are available.
  • Cost-effective, quick production, high-quality standards to meet your timeline.

High Speed and Perfect Performance Custom Cable Assembly Solutions

INTE-AUTO is a well-known supplier of high-quality, complete custom cable design solutions from production, to soldering, to assembly. Available to you are our large selection of push pull connectors, circular connectors, terminals, USBs, D-taps, and RJ45s.

Our production process is compliant with medical and military standards. We provide our customers electrical custom cable assembly drawings and professional-standard testing for each project.

All our customers enjoy the most cost-effective custom cable assembly products.

B Series Custom Cable Assembly

Engineering and Manufacturing Expert

0B 3 core EGG custom cable assembly

0B 3 Pins EGG Receptacle Custom Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO has done custom cable assembly manufacture, design, and completion of 0B series 3 pin receptacle-to-cable assembly for analytical instruments.

0B 5 pins EGG custom cable assembly

0B 5 Pins EGG Socket Custom Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO brings you the most modern ISO-certified cable assembly facilities in China, delivering reliable connector and cable solutions.

3B 22 pins socket custom cable assembly

3B 22 Core EGG Receptacle Custom Cable Assembly

Connector engineering and manufacturing expert INTE-AUTO develops connectors and provides custom cable assembly to our valuable customers.

EGG 2B 16 pins custom cable assembly

2B 16 Pins EGG Type Connectors Custom Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO is your one-stop-shop for the design and manufacture of custom connectors and cable assemblies.

EGG 0B 3 pins custom cable assembly

1B 3 Pins EGG Female Connector Custom Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO’s complete services turn your connectivity challenges into successful business. We will help you find the perfect cable and connectors specific for your application.

EGG socket custom cable assembly

Custom Cable Assemblies for 1B Series EGG Socket to Terminal

INTE-AUTO has over 10 years of experience in the industry. Our smart technicians provide full product support for quick prototype turnarounds including for cable and terminal assemblies.

EGG 3B 22 pins socket terminal custom cable assembly

EGG Type 3B 22 pins Socket to Terminal Custom Cable Assemblies

Doing business with INTE-AUTO means you get cost-effective and highly efficient connectors and cable assemblies. We guarantee short production lead times and superior packaging.

1B socket custom cable assembly

1B Series EGG Receptacle Multipole Contacts Custom Cable Assembly

Partner with us and we’ll save you time and money. You get fast-produced, high-quality connectors and cable assemblies packed and sealed, and delivered to you in pristine condition.

EGG 1b 6 pins connectorEGG 0B 3 pins custom cable assembly

6 Solder Cup EGG Receptacle Custom Cable Assembly

We provide tough and rugged precision connectors, terminals, and cable assembly solutions for a wide range of markets. You can perfectly rely on our quality connectors.

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More B Series Connector Custom Cable Assembly

custom cable assembly-7

Male to Female Connector Custom Cable Assembly

If you require complete connector-cable sets, INTE-AUTO is your best choice.

custom cable assembly-6

Custom Cable Assembly to 1B and 2B Plug

We offer a vast assortment of custom cable assembly solutions using 00B to 4B series connectors.

custom cable assembly-5

Custom Cable Assembly for OBD Test

INTE-AUTO offers OBD-II test cables for auto diagnostic tools with 2B 16-pin connectors.

custom cable assembly-1

Medical Custom Cable Assembly Solutions

We meet the high quality standards of the medical industry such as custom cable assemblies using 1B 8-pin connectors for baby weighing equipment.

custom cable assembly-4

Male Connector Custom Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO’s products, from male connectors all the way to cable assembly systems, are cost-effective with a quick production turnaround.

custom cable assembly

Terminals Plugs Custom Cable Assembly

One of INTE-AUTO’s customers required a complete wire-to-terminal assembly using 3B 22-pin straight plugs for in-home kidney dialysis equipment. We delivered successfully.

custom cable assembly-2

Male Female Connector Custom Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO is your best partner for custom cable solutions. Our highly-efficient team will assist you with your required connectors and cables, all completely assembled in China.

custom cable assembly-3

Custom Cable Assembly to Straight Plug

We created a custom test device cable using 2B 16-pin straight plug to PVC cable. It performed perfectly.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

Custom Cable Assembly

INTE-AUTO provides complete custom cable assembly solutions for you. No matter if you need custom cable assembly for the Military, Measurement, or Medical industry. We can offer cable assemblies for Instrumentation, Testing, or other industries as well. You can always rely on INTE-AUTO as we provide high-performance cable assemblies.
INTE-AUTO is renowned for providing compatible and consistent connectors and custom cable assembly services. We manufacture all the products by keeping in mind strict quality standards. As a result, the quality of our custom cable assemblies is at par with our top competitors.
Our team will ensure that you find your required solution by working with your team to understand your exact demand. INTE-AUTO has qualified and professional engineers and a support team. We aim to provide you with the perfect custom cable assembly that works out for your industry. We are here to guide you through various designs, assemblies, prototypes, manufacturing, installations, tests and even, beyond these.

Why choose INTE-AUTO?

INTE-AUTO has several years in manufacturing and designing custom cable assemblies. We have a team of experienced technical employees. We use the latest engineering technology to deliver high-end products and services.
● Quick delivery of prototypes saves you time.
● High-performance custom cable assembly solutions ensure a great customer experience
● Experienced team to help you save dollars as we provide cost-effective solutions
● We deliver the product in sealed protective packages. This protects your product from damage
● Our production process has complied with all the medical and military standards


Most frequent questions and answers
Cable assemblies for medical purposes are free to link instruments and equipment in the medical fields. It is used where laboratory work is required. They are mechanically durable. Many are flexible to prevent twisting of the components and temperature-resistant. They transport power and data and protect themselves by a coat resistant to the effects of abrasion with low friction on the surface. It helps in withstanding the sterilization of autoclaves.
Cable assemblies for medical use contain individual cables banded together. They have connectors on at least one of their ends. Medical wires usually stick to application-specific protection and regulatory requirements. These include the ISO 10993-1 intentionally for biological system evaluation. Buyers should choose items made of biocompatible materials. The jacket on the outer side of a medical cable assembly has a chance of direct connection with a patient.
Types of cables:
We can divide cable assemblies for medical use into equipment and patient interfaces, sub-assembly interfaces, and contact interfaces.
INTE-AUTO provides many types of patient interface cables if you are looking for equipment and patient interface cables.
● You can choose INTE-AUTO health cable assemblies if you have a use for ultrasound imaging and the diagnostic monitoring of ECG reports. These cables prove to be some of the most long-lasting, flexible, and resistant to wear.
● You can choose INTE-AUTO ECG diagnostic leads, as well as CCU and ICU monitor cables if you are looking for limited-use interface cables. Persistent exposure to mechanical stress and cleaning chemicals may weaken these medical cables. But we make them such that they last till the end until the user replaces them.
● INTE-AUTO also provides catheters, electrosurgical instruments, neural stimulators, and fetal examining cable sets for single-use interfaces. They’re sterilized and packed in kits. We manufacture these cables in such a way that you can throw them after use rather than washing them after each use.
We would suggest you calculate the price of repair vs. the price of cleaning of these medical cable arrangements. It is a must when choosing patient-interface items.
In several ways, custom cable assemblies for military use are similar to cable assemblies used in other industries. They must transport either information or power from one location to another. Service packs vary in that the users expect it to operate in even more challenging conditions. It is more crucial than other complicated goods that they do not fail. Cable assemblies for the military must adhere to good specifications that the company must follow.
Cables that are dependable in military applications
One can not leave a provision of failure or errors with military cable assemblies, as previously mentioned. Equipment is most versatile and designed to let the user deploy it quickly in situations demanding combat.
The cable assemblies used in the military must withstand harsh conditions. These include vibration, high temperatures, strong shocks, moisture, and dust. The manufacturer must keep all of these considerations in mind when constructing these cables.
It is crucial to produce a cable that meets the best flexural specifications. It lets the line survive the constant twisting, stretching, and contracting that comes with heavy usage. Engineers may prescribe a coiled core or stranded cores in the appropriate wires. It helps to increase the cable’s durability, depending on the particular requirements of the machinery.
Environmental considerations range from broader issues other than continued use. These are temperature and atmosphere to more immediate concerns like machinery vibration. Using various tools, we can build military cable assemblies that address the most demanding conditions. They include tooling for strain reliefs and over-molded connectors that withstand challenging environments.
Applications that get manufactured only on order
Each branch of the military uses cabling and wiring customized to their particular applications. It includes securing communications to field units or powering bases overseas. At times, a cable needs to be much more adaptable.
Precision is the topmost priority factor in the case of test and measurement technology. You require potent connections and high-quality measuring devices and procedures to perform reliable tests and achieve conclusive results. Powerful connections guarantee that data is transferred precisely. An interface is essential between the test piece, measuring device, and evaluation unit.
The enormously high need for an interface between the test piece, measuring device, and evaluation unit is what forces well-known manufacturers to choose INTE-AUTO.
INTU-AUTO is a pro for highly demanding contacts and has successfully connected interfaces in test and measurement technology for several years. It can be your single point contact for a complete system solution, including assembled data connectors.
INTE-AUTO is known for durable connectors that meet relevant data transmission standards.
You can see five types of custom cable assemblies primarily used in the automotive industry. They are copper cable assemblies, infotainment cable assemblies, hybrid & EV cable assemblies, and cylinder head wiring. As all cars that come into the market possess either powered or automatic applications nowadays, the role of cables and wires is not any less in the case of the automotive industry.
● Of these five types, copper cable assemblies are mostly used in almost all automotive applications. So, you can see copper cables in the majority of applications on your car, including gearboxes, headlights, and many more.
● The infotainment cable assemblies such as coaxial and RX cable assemblies are incorporated into the GPS, Bluetooth connectivity systems, and in-seat DVD players of your cars. In contrast, in-car display units, radio screens, and backup cameras are generally powered by LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) cable assemblies.
● We are presently witnessing the evolution of hybrid and electric cars. But do you think low voltage cable assemblies are enough to power hybrid and electric cars? Obviously, no. Hybrid and EV Cable assemblies serve for the high voltage requirements of electric and hybrid cars.
● Cylinder head wiring is specifically designed for heavy-duty diesel vehicles. This cable assembly consists of cable channels and pass-through connectors. Cylinder head wiring is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Also, it is suitable for off-roading vehicles.
If you feel that you need a custom cable assembly for your specific automotive industry application. And you feel perplexed about which one would work best for you. Feel free to contact the INTE-AUTO team, our highly skilled and professional engineers will help you make the right choice.
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