What is the Advantage of Push Pull Connectors?

Most push pull connector designs are circular. But they can also be square or rectangular depending on application requirements.

INTE-AUTO manufactures space-saving and multi-pole circular push-pull connectors, they can mate quickly and easily.  Connecting and disconnecting only require two hands, no need for special tools.

Our push pull connectors are available in 6 sizes and can come with hybrid electrical contacts and low-voltage contact inserts.

INTE-AUTO’s push pull connectors are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Engineers choose them for demanding industries such as the medical, testing, instrumentation, and military sectors.

The B, S, E, and F Series metal push pull connectors can be used in individual combat systems, radars, communications, night vision systems, simulation training machines, systems testing, anti-submarine surveillance, diagnostic machines, detection devices, and much more.

The push pull self-locking system featured in the K and T Series makes operation fast and easy. These connectors have an IP68 waterproof rating that ensures safe outdoor use.

The P Series medical push pull connector is the perfect solution to medical equipment that needs high reliability. The connectors are attractive, easy to plug and unplug, reliable, suitable for high-density installations, and is widely used. They can be used in ventilators, anesthesia machines, blood pressure monitors, ultrasonic detectors, Doppler testers, laser hair removal devices, infrared treatment machines, electrophysiology devices, CT scanners, high-frequency electrosurgical knives, endoscopes, defibrillators, dental scalers, electric shock generators, nuclear magnetic resonance machines, and much more.

Contact INTE-AUTO for guaranteed cost-effective and high-mating cycle push pull connector solutions.

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