Aviation Connector

What is an Aviation Connector?

Aviation connectors are also called military connectors. They are named as such because they are mostly used on military aircraft. Currently, however, they are also widely used in the navigation, aerospace, and electric power industries among others. The shell is usually made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, a strong and durable material.

Classifications of Aviation Connectors

  • Special aviation connector for servo motors
  • Special aviation connector for intelligent knitting and spinning controls
  • Russian military standard aviation connector
  • US military standard aviation connector
  • National standard aviation connector
  • National military standard aviation connector
  • Ordinary circular aviation connector
  • Circular waterproof aviation connector
  • Hermetic sintered glass aviation connector
  • Self-developed special aviation connectors
  • Aviation connectors for communications
  • Ultra-small precision aviation connector

Selecting an aviation connector

Aviation connectors are widely used to connect and disconnect circuits.

Improving the reliability of aviation connectors is primarily the responsibility of the manufacturer. But there are also a wide variety of choices of aviation connectors for different applications. Choosing the correct one is an important aspect of maximizing reliability. This can be accomplished if both the manufacturer and the user work together.

Aviation connectors can be classified accordingly:

By frequency – there are high-frequency and low-frequency aviation connectors;
By shape – there are circular and rectangular connectors;
By function – there are military aviation connectors, ultrasonic equipment connectors, power aviation connectors, special-purpose aviation connectors, and so forth.

What INTE-AUTO series offer aviation connectors?

B Series metal circular connectors
K Series waterproof IP68 connectors
P Series plastic medical connectors
F Series half-shell military design connectors
S Series circular push pull connectors with stepped insert
WP Series plastic waterproof aviation connectors

INTE-AUTO connectors are compatible with the same products of famous global brands. They can be used together and interchanged as long as the various specifications match. They can be used for machine tools, electrical appliances, testing equipment, medical devices, servo motors, and naval and aviation equipment. There are conventional diameters including M7, M9, M12, M15, M18, and so on. The core count is 2 to 30.

INTE-AUTO accommodates the production of custom connectors with larger diameter openings and higher core count if the client wishes it so.

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