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BP Monitor Arm Cuff Air Hose Connector by INTE-AUTO

Medical Grade Blood Pressure Connectors

A non-invasive blood pressure monitor (NIBP) needs to work accurately to give a good reading of heart health. Every part must have the right fit to work correctly and precisely.

That’s exactly what INTE-AUTO’s blood pressure connectors offer. Our RoHS-certified BP12, BP15, and BP16 NIBP push-pull arm cuff air hose connectors give you the perfect fit for accurate readings every single time.

Our quality blood pressure connectors come with bayonet latching and male and female configurations. These allow for a quick and strong connection from the blood pressure monitoring hose. They fit compatibly with most NIBP monitors and sphygmomanometers out in the market today.

BP12 Blood Pressure Connector

BP12 Blood Pressure Connector

The BP12 blood pressure connector is the smaller component of the attachment to the arm cuff. The 5mm diameter opening fits snugly with the hose and prevents air leakage even up to 400mmHg.

bp15 Blood Pressure Connectors

BP15 Blood Pressure Connector

Together with the BP12 blood pressure connector, the BP15 provides secure connections through its bayonet latching system. They are made with durable nickel-plated copper alloy housing. They can also withstand over 1000 mating cycles.

Blood Pressure Connectors

BP16 Blood Pressure Connector

Our blood pressure connectors are compatible with most non-invasive monitors like GE, Philips, and Mindray. They can allow high-pressure air or fluid flow without any problems. Instead of plastic, our BP16 connector comes with the same durable metal housing.

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Blood Pressure Connectors for Medical Device

Accurate blood pressure readings help medical staff diagnose health problems better. With NIBPs, the connection between the arm cuff and the hose is very important. Any fluctuation or disruption in the flow of air will result in a difference in the patient’s levels which may not be correct.

That is why blood pressure connectors must be sturdy and reliable. There must be no air leaks that make inflating the arm cuff take a long time. There must also be no accidental disconnections between different components. 

INTE-AUTO’s blood pressure connectors provide superior performance and quick connection. These compact but highly detailed parts have a tight fit with the cuff hose to prevent disconnections and leakages even with high air pressures.

The bayonet connection system provides fast and secure mating. When mated, the connection is resistant to vibration for accurate device performance even if the patient or the assistant taking the blood pressure is moving.

These metal connectors perform better as they don’t bend, warp, or clog. They are made of nickel-plated copper alloy. They last longer and therefore give you more value for your money.

Our BP12, BP15, AND BP16 blood pressure connectors are used not just for sphygmomanometers and automated NIBP cuffs, but for testing and measurement equipment as well.

These high-performance products are from INTE-AUTO, your trusted supplier of quality circular and blood pressure connectors since 2013.

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blood pressure connector

BP11 NIBP Connector

INTE-AUTO’s BP11 connector fits snugly with the common arm cuff hoses to prevent air leakage. It allows for a quick, hassle-free, and strong connection that lasts many uses. The connector itself allows for over 1000 mating cycles.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

Blood Pressure Connectors- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The increase or decrease in the blood pressure value is becoming more prevalent in older and younger people nowadays.

Due to this, the use of blood pressure measuring instruments and sphygmomanometers has been increased in hospitals and also in homes.

INTE-AUTO has manufactured Blood Pressure Connectors that can tightly join the arm cuff with an air hose without any air leakage for accurate and precise readings.

With the help of this FAQ guide, you can understand all the characteristics.

The INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors serve as a bridge between arm cuff and air hose or air hose and NIBP monitor.

The arm cuff is connected with the air hose using an INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connector.

These connectors use a strong bayonet system in order to mate the arm cuff and air hose.

If you want to connect two air hoses, you can easily connect the male Blood Pressure Connector with one hose and the female Blood Pressure Connector with the other hose.

After connecting these two models with an air hose, you can insert the BP16 Blood Pressure Connector into the BP15 Blood Pressure Connector.

The air hose can be connected with the NIBP monitor using a male and female Blood Pressure Connector.

Blood Pressure Connectors of INTE-AUTO

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors

No, the INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors can be easily and quickly mated with the BP monitor arm cuff and air hose using a robust bayonet system.

All the INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors have a 5mm diameter barb that you can easily insert into the rubber air hose pipe having 4mm or 5mm diameter.

The barb on these connectors is made of brass and is responsible for a secure and tight connection.

So, for mating, you just have to insert the barb side of the connector into the rubber air hose opening, which can be done in a few seconds.


Mating of INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors Mating

Currently, INTE-AUTO manufactures three models of their Blood Pressure Connectors.

  1. BP12 Blood Pressure Connector.
  2. BP15 Blood Pressure Connector.
  3. BP16 Blood Pressure Connector.


  • The INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connector connects the arm cuff with the air hose and the air hose with the NIBP monitor. You can also increase the air hose length by associating these connectors between two air hoses.
  • You can also associate the pipe of the arm cuff with the air hose by connecting BP15 and BP16 Blood Pressure Connector.

Models of INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connector’s Models

Yes, the INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors have been manufactured so that they can easily resist the leakage of air in an efficient manner.

A brass-made barb having a diameter of 5mm is manufactured on all INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors.

It can tightly hold a 4mm or 5mm diameter rubber air hose pipe and leaves no space for the leakage of air.

The barb can even prevent the leakage of air up to 400mmHg.

Due to the extensive use of blood pressure measuring instruments and sphygmomanometers, the Blood Pressure Connector’s usage has increased.

To fulfill these high usage requirements, INTE-AUTO uses the best quality materials to manufacture their Blood Pressure Connectors that last for many years.

You can get around 1000 mating cycles of INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors.

If you are mating the connector 1000th time, you will get the same results when it was mated for the first time.

Mating Capacity of INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors

Figure 4 INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connector’s Mating Capacity

The INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors hold great importance in the medical field.

Doctors always check the patient’s blood pressure before examining the patient so that they can have an idea about the type of treatment they need.

Even doctors in a small clinic of a locality use blood measure measuring instruments.

So, accurate and precise readings of a patient’s blood pressure are necessary for proper treatment.

The INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors are manufactured to properly transfer air from the arm cuff to the air hose and then from the air hose to the NIBP monitor.

They prevent leakage of air up to 400mmHg and avoid any fluctuation in airflow.

The INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors are not only manufactured to perform in an environment where the temperature is normal.

These connectors can perform even in low-temperature and high-temperature environments.

If the patient is in a country where the temperature is very low or very high, you do not need to worry.

INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors can perform at a minimum temperature of about –20°C, whereas they can efficiently perform at a maximum temperature of about +120°C.

So, the temperature range of INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors is –20°C to +120°C. Temperature Range

Temperature Range of INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors 

Figure 5 INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connector’s Temperature Range

By using INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors, you can have the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy locking mechanism by the use of bayonet system.
  • Resistance to leakage of air up to 400mmHg.
  • It provides you with exact blood pressure measurements.
  • They are compatible with the most famous brands of NIBP monitors and sphygmomanometers.
  • The 5mm diameter barb on the INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors fits snugly with the rubber air hose pipe.
  • You can get about 1000 mating cycles.
  • They are manufactured using excellent quality materials by professional engineers and the latest CNC machines.
  • These connectors avoid any disruption or fluctuation in the flow of air that may affect the patient’s blood pressure reading.
  • They are compact and lightweight.
  • The price for a single piece of these connectors is also reasonable, with extreme benefits.
  • INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors can easily fit with reusable and disposable pediatric or adult blood pressure hoses.
  • They can work in a temperature range of -20°C to +120°C.
  • INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors are RoHS Compliant and CE Compliant.

The INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors have the below-mentioned specifications:

  • They can easily fit in silicone or PU pipe tube having diameters of 4mm or 5mm.
  • The material used to manufacture its housing is copper allow and then nickel plating.
  • A strong bayonet system is installed to connect and disconnect these connectors.
  • They can prevent air leakage.

The INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors are manufactured using top-quality material for better performance even in harsh environments.

The housing of these connectors is made with nickel-plated copper alloy, whereas the barb is manufactured using brass.

Nickel-plated copper-alloy allows the connectors to work in high-temperature environments, and brass provides strength and resists corrosion.

Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD in China is considered the number one Blood Pressure Connector’s supplier worldwide.

The reason for becoming number one is that INTE-AUTO always thinks of the best possible solution for their customers.

They do not implement strict rules for their customers that force them to think about whether they should place an order or not!

You can place a Blood Pressure Connector’s order according to your choice or needs.

The minimum order you can place is one piece.

MOQ of INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors

Figure 6 INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connector’s MOQ


As we give priority to customers, to satisfy them, INTE-AUTO provides you with a free sample of their products.

You can check the free sample and place a large order after complete satisfaction.

In order to get a free sample, you can contact the INTE-AUTO team.

The free sample order will be delivered to your given address within one to three working days.

Free Sample of INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors

Figure 7 INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connector’s Free Sample


When you are completely satisfied with the free sample of INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors, you can place your order in the following ways:

  • For small quantities, you can visit us and place your order there by filling up the requirements.
  • You can use their email address and send your queries there. Their email addresses are or
  • If you want to contact them using your WhatsApp or WeChat, you can send your queries at +8613420981319.
  • You can directly visit our factory.

Importing INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors

Figure 8 Import INTE-AUTO Blood Pressure Connectors


The delivery time depends on two major factors:

  • The quantity of Blood Pressure Connectors you have ordered.
  • The delivery service you are using to send the order.

Shenzhen INTE-AUTO Technology Co., LTD do not hesitate in using the fastest delivery companies so that you can get your order in a minimum time.

Usually, an order having a maximum of 200 pieces is delivered to your address within three to seven working days.

If the quantity is between 500 to 1000 Blood Pressure Connectors, it can take up to twelve to eighteen working days.

Best Quality Connectors at Amazing Prices

When you do business with INTE-AUTO, you’re dealing with the best connector supplier you can find anywhere in the world. We offer excellent quality blood pressure connectors that guarantee optimal savings and value.

Drawing from almost 10 years of experience serving different clients from all over the world, INTE-AUTO is known for detail-oriented production of different kinds of connectors. We are proud of our technical skills, experience, and attention to detail.

We produce RoHS and CE-certified products at our Shenzhen plant in China. Our advanced facility covers over 5000 square meters and is equipped with prime production and testing equipment. We have the capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of connectors with quick lead times and fast shipping.

If you need an experienced and reputable manufacturer of quality connectors, look no further than INTE-AUTO. We specialize in circular connectors. Our other products include:

  • Blood pressure connectors
  • Plastic medical connectors
  • Waterproof IP68 plastic and metal connectors
  • Compact and rugged mini-connectors
  • Hybrid fluidic and current connectors
  • Coaxial connectors
  • Industry connectors
  • D-Tap connectors
  • and much, much more.

We also provide custom solutions for your convenience. We have custom cable assembly, manufacturing, and over-molding for your specific application.

In fact, we have over 5,000+ types of connectors and cables in stock. Whatever your connector needs, we have it.

All these products are staples in many industries where strength and precision are expected. We have contracts with the military, aviation, industrial, maritime, automotive, medical, testing, research, cosmetic, communications, and consumer electronics industries. And we put the same best effort in quality and design with each and every connector no matter the use. This is how you can expect only superior connectors from us.

We are trusted by many as proven by our 5-star ratings across different selling platforms. You can be our next satisfied customer.

Order your free sample today.

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