Circular Connectors Cross Reference

With the Push-Pull Self-locking Technology from INTE-AUTO

Circular Connectors Cross Reference Solutions

INTE-AUTO has a huge catalog of the best circular connectors. Among these products are connectors compatible with the latest products in the market today.

We give you the best alternative of high-quality circular connectors cross reference solutions at very affordable prices. They are made out of durable materials for guaranteed long life and toughness. They are engineered accurately for a precise fit with your existing parts.

We guarantee quick mating with the push pull self-latching system and strong, continuous signal.

Find the best value circular connectors cross reference solutions, only at INTE-AUTO.

circular connectors cross reference lemo odu fischer
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circular connector cross reference PHG 0B 1B 2B 3B

Circular Connector Cross Reference PHG 0B 1B 2B 3B

The INT-DHG oB is a circular connector cross reference with a G key, cable collet, and a nut for fitting a bend relief. This connector is commonly used in medical, audio/visual, testing and measurement, and communications equipment.

circular connector cross reference FNG

Circular Connector Cross Reference FNG

Another circular connector cross reference that can fit a bend relief is the INT-FNG.oB. It offers flawless signal transmission and the reliability of the push pull self-locking system. It has an IP50 rating.

circular connector cross reference FGG 00 0b 1b 2b 3b

Circular Connector Cross Reference FGG Plug

The INT-FGG is a circular connector cross reference from the B Series has the capacity to have up to 32 pins plus bend relief. It provides clear signal transmission and security with its multiple keying options. Cables can range from 3.0 to 11.0mm.

circular connector cross reference FGG 1B

Circular Connector Cross Reference FGG

This INT-FGG straight plug from the B Series has a black chrome outer shell finish. It has many uses such as for medical equipment, laboratory instrumentation, measurement devices, and industrial controls.

circular connector cross reference FEG IP54 plug

Circular Connector Cross Reference FEG IP54 Plug

The FEG-compatible IP54-rated circular connector cross reference has the ability to be used for rainy conditions. Even in a wet environment, this circular connector gives the highest performance even after 5000 mating cycles. It is preferred in industries with high standards.

circular connector cross reference Female LEMO ECG

Circular Connector Cross Reference ECG

This female insert from the B Series ECG socket is available in 00B, 0B, 1B, 2B, and 3B sizes. The INT-ZGG can also be ordered in a 90° elbow configuration. But whether straight or elbow, all our push pull circular connectors cross reference have 360° shielding.

circular connector cross reference FAG 0B 1B 2B

Circular Connector Cross Reference FAG 0B 1B 2B

This non-latching short plug from the B Series is a FAG-compatible circular connector cross reference. This high-density connector is a non-latching male circular connector cross reference with low voltage contacts.

circular connector cross reference ENG 0B 1B

Circular Connector Cross Reference ENG 0B 1B

Another panel mount circular connector cross reference is this ENG-compatible receptacle. The INT-ZNG is equipped with a grounding tab and a nut. It can either be front- or back-panel mounted on your equipment.

circular connector cross reference EHG 0b

Circular Connector Cross Reference EHG 0B

Choose your keying system with any of our circular connectors cross reference. This prevents cross-mating even with similar-looking connectors. This EHG-compatible connector can be equipped with any keying system aside from the standard G.

circular connector cross reference EGG 0B

Circular Connector Cross Reference EGG 0B 1B 2B 3B

The INT-ZGG has a G key for precise alignment. It is a multipole-type circular connector cross reference receptacle with a choice of 2 to 32 contacts. Variants include straight solder, PCB, and PCB 90° elbow.

circular connector cross reference EGG 0B 1B 2B 3B

Circular Connector Cross Reference EGG 0B 1B 2B 3B

Our circular connectors cross reference like this EGG-compatible receptacle are equipped with shock and vibration resistance and anti-corrosion technology. This EGG oB-compatible receptacle primarily transfers data and power.

circular connector cross reference EEG Receptacle

Circular Connector Cross Reference EEG Receptacle

This EEG-compatible receptacle is the INT-ZCG female circular connector cross reference. It is a back panel mount type with solder contacts. It can accommodate 2 to 32 pins and has 2 screw nuts.

Get Your Circular Connectors Now

INTE-AUTO is a Leader in Circular Connector Technology

You can always find the standard circular connector cross reference solution at INTE-AUTO. That’s because we have the capability of designing and manufacturing all the latest models of circular connectors in the market.

Our production plant in Shenzhen, China has many sets of CNC machines and molds to create any design you wish. We have veteran engineers in the circular connector industry. Plus, we have a great management system that ensures all production technicians are highly skilled and responsible.

We uphold CE and RoHS standards for all our products. And we are very proud of what we have accomplished as a company for the past 10 years.

Our service engineers are happy to help you browse through our catalog for the specific products you need.

More Circular Connector Cross Reference Solution

circular connector cross reference ss 102 a056-140

Circular Connector Cross Reference SS DBP102

The SS-compatible short plug and DBP cross reference receptacle is a pair of overmolded multi-pin circular connectors with low voltage contacts. INTE-AUTO can supply 102, 1031, 103, 104 series.

circular connector cross reference Fisher S102A052 D102A052

Circular Connector Cross Reference Fisher S and D

The 102, 103, 104, 105-size circular connector cross reference pair has a half-shell G key. The INT-S and D can be ordered in 2 colors: pearl chrome or black chrome. It is commonly used for military equipment.

circular connector cross reference hr10a

Circular Connector Cross Reference HR10A Series

The INT-HR10A Series are miniature industrial circular connectors cross reference. They are compact and have a high-density design for easy handling and mating. They are available in 4 to 12 pins.

circular connector cross reference hr10a 7p 6s

Circular Connector Cross Reference HR10A-7P-6S

Aside from the reliable push pull locking mechanism, the HR10 Series circular connectors have an IP50 rating. Smart design and space saving.

circular connector cross reference hr10a 7p 6p HR10A-7R-6J

Circular Connector Cross Reference HR10

The circular connectors cross reference are compatible with the HR10A-7P-6S and HR10A-7R-6J. In the HR10 Series, they can perform perfectly even in extreme temperatures of -25°C (13°F) to 85°C (185°F). They have a screw or bulkhead panel mounting style and a 2A current rating.

circular connector cross reference HR10-10A-12P HR10-10A-12S

Circular Connector Cross Reference HR10-10A-12P HR10-10A-12S

HR10 circular connectors cross reference from INTE-AUTO are simple but highly dependable, especially for high-density applications. They are 12-pin electrical miniature circular connectors for industrial use.

circular connector cross reference fischer 102 series

Circular Connector Cross Reference Fisher 102 series

These Fischer-compatible Core 102 Series circular connectors cross reference provide stable and reliable connections despite their miniature size. The male and female pair can be ordered with your choice of 2 to 9 pins.

circular connector cross reference SS DEE102Z056

Circular Connector SS DEE102 103 104

Our F Series also includes the INT-SS short plug and DEE panel-mount connectors. These circular connectors cross reference can be equipped with a G or A half-shell keying system. They are available in 0F, 1F, or 2F sizes.

Manufacturing and Technical Details


Most frequent questions and answers

In connectors, the term “Cross Reference” is specifically used for those two connectors which are manufactured by different companies but can do the same work.

So, Cross Reference in INTE-AUTO Circular Connectors means that the part number of INTE-AUTO and other brands’ Circular Connectors are compatible with each other.

The male plug of any brand can easily be mated with the INTE-AUTO female socket.

INTE-AUTO Cross Reference Circular Connectors consist of a plug that can be inserted into a receptacle.

They are available in both plastic and metal materials.

Using these connectors, you can easily and quickly transfer current, signals, water, air, data, power, or pneumatic media from one place to another.

These connectors have a strong self-latching mechanism for quick locking and unlocking.

There are many circular connector manufacturers worldwide.

INTE-AUTO has Cross Reference Circular Connectors, which are always compatible with the latest market products and other circular connectors’ part numbers.

If you have a B, K, S, P or F series female push pull socket on your device, you can easily get a mating male plug from the INTE-AUTO product range.

Cross Reference Circular Connectors

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Cross Reference Circular Connectors

The INTE-AUTO B, K, S, P and F Series Circular Connectors follow a very simple procedure in order to lock and unlock, which are described below:

Locking Mechanism:

  • First, you have to align the keying of both the connector’s plug and receptacle.
  • The locking works on a strong self-latching mechanism.
  • You should now insert the connector’s plug into the female receptacle with a slight push.
  • Doing this will allow the half-arrow head shape latches into the plug to retract towards the inner side of the plug’s housing.
  • The inside of the connector’s receptacle consists of space similar to the half-arrow head shape latches of the plug.
  • This space is used to hold the plug latches for a strong connection.
  • When the plug contacts reach that space inside the receptacle, the latches arrow heads quickly fit inside the receptacle and lock the plug.

Un-Locking Mechanism:

  • In order to unlock your connector, you need a slight backward push on the outer shell of the connector’s plug.
  • Doing this will allow the locked half-arrow head shape latches inside the receptacle to retract towards the inner side of the plug’s housing.
  • Now slowly remove the plug and release the outer shell of the connector’s plug.
  • The connector is then completely unlocked.

Connection Procedure of Cross Reference Circular Connectors

Figure 2 Cross Reference Circular Connector’s Connection Procedure

INTE-AUTO has a vast collection of Circular Connectors that you can use as a cross reference solution for other brands’ circular connectors.

In order to get a Cross Reference Circular Connector from INTE-AUTO, you have to send your connector requirements to or

You can also contact them on WhatsApp or WeChat at +8613420981319

If INTE-AUTO has already manufactured a connector that fulfills your connector requirements, they can deliver them to your address.

In case you do not find the design you need, INTE-AUTO engineers are always ready to build your custom circular connectors using the latest CNC machines and molds.

Your order will be delivered to your address within five to fifteen working days.

Cross Reference Circular Connectors Delivery

Figure 3 Get Cross Reference Circular Connectors from INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO also uses the best quality raw material to manufacture Connectors so that they can long last for many years.

Their products always follow the international standards of quality.

INTE-AUTO has veteran engineers that use the latest technology CNC machines to manufacture Connectors.

Plus, all of their products have a 5-star review given by their customers worldwide.

Each INTE-AUTO product has passed the CE and RoHS standards, whose certificates can be found on the INTE-AUTO website.

Cross Reference Circular Connector's Quality

Figure 4 Best Quality INTE-AUTO Cross Reference Circular Connectors

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