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Excellent Circular Metal-Shell Connectors

INTE-AUTO knows the importance of the outer shell. That’s why we use only the best materials (brass alloy), ergonomic designs, and the best-proven latching mechanism (push pull mechanism).

This is to provide the highest quality circular metal outer shell connectors to all our customers.

Our circular metal shells pass the highest standards, ensuring over 5000 mating cycles, protection against extreme temperatures, and resistance to high vibration, shock, and salt spray.

Despite all these features, INTE-AUTO’s connectors have the best prices in the market today.

Order your metal connectors now from INTE-AUTO.

circular metal-shell connectors S102A052

The INT-SB is a fully locking plug with a half-shell key, a cable collet, and a black chrome finish. Beside it is the INT-SCB, another straight plug but this time with a nut for fitting a bend relief.

circular metal-shell connectors plug with dust cap

These Fisher connectors from our F Series attain an IP68 rating during mating with their double O-rings. The dust caps protect the male and female parts and the lanyards provide easy handling and identification.

circular metal-shell connectors Fisher S103 DEE103

The INT-SB and INT-DEE are a pair of multipole connectors with a half-shell key. The 103 Series can have 2 to 12 pins, the plug has a standard cable collet. When the plug and socket are mated, the IP rating can  reach P68.

circular metal-shell connectors Fischer S103 D103

We offer the S103 male straight plug and the D103 female socket in the sleek black chrome finish. This pair has an M12 size with a half-shell key for faultless mating. They have solder contacts and an IP50 rating.

circular metal-shell connectors FISCHER S102 D102

We have more compatible connectors with famous brands like this S103 male plug and D103 female socket pair. They are fit for cables that have a diameter of 4.0 to 6.0 mm. Choose from a range of 2 to 12 pins.

circular metal-shell connectors fischer receptacle with dust cap

The advantage of having a dust cap is keeping the gold-plated brass contacts safe and clean even if it’s not mated. Take a look at these sleek F Series female connectors complete with a cap and lanyard.

circular metal-shell connectors fischer plug with dust cap

Our F Series plugs are made more secure with a dust cap. The INT-BFG and INT-BRE covers protect the plug or receptacle’s multicore pins with a minimum rating of IP50 but can go up to IP68. F Series connectors can be ordered with overmolded injection and cable assembly.

circular metal-shell connectors Fischer DEE receptacle

The INT-DEE in black chrome is a multi-pin female fixed receptacle available in the 0F to 2F Series, that is, 102 to 104 sizes. It can also have male contacts if preferred by the customer. It has a half-shell coding for security against mismating.

circular metal-shell connectors fischer D102 103 104 105

The INT-D102 103 104 105 is a panel-mount receptacle from the F Series that can have male or female contacts. This multi-pin socket has a G or A half-shell key and is available in M9 to M18 sizes.

Precison & Lightweight Circular Metal Outer Shell Connectors

The outer shell of a connector is critical in protecting connections. This casing houses the push pull mechanism that allows for an easy yet strong and secure connection. The outshell also allows for ergonomics, that is, it makes handling and operating the connector easier.

INTE-AUTO uses brass as its primary outer shell material because it exhibits the properties that are most desirable for electrical connectors: low conductivity and toughness. The strength and ruggedness of the alloy make our circular connectors fit for extreme environments and rough handling. 

The outshell can endure at least 5000 mating cycles, up to 95% humidity, 250°C heat, 15 g[10 HZ-2000HZ] vibration, 100g of shock, and over 48 hours of salt spray. It has 360° EMC shielding and a rating of IP50 to IP68.

More than that, it houses the push pull latching mechanism perfectly. These rugged connectors come in a wide range of sizes and can be used as substitutes for other existing brands in use.

Aside from function and protection, our connectors sport an elegant pearl chrome or black chrome finish.

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circular metal-shell connectors

1. Bend relief
2. Collet nut
3. Collet
4. Split insert carrier
5. Insulator
6. Outer shell
B series connector assembly process:
1. Place the cable through the bend relief, collet nut, and collet, then solder
the wires to the insulator contacts’ cup.
2. Put the split insert carrier on the insulator after soldering.
3. Put the collet on the right position of the cable, making sure the collet mates with the split insert carrier.
4. Place the insulator, split insert carrier, and cable collet into the outshell in order.
5. Screw the collet nut into the outer shell.
6. Fix the sleeve on the collet nut.

Related Products

  • The INT-TGG and INT-ZGG are a pair of FGG EGG-compatible circular metal outshell connectors that are widely used in so many applications.  These connectors come from the lightweight B Series.

  • circular metal-shell connectors FGG plug ECG socket elbow contact

    This is the INT-TGG male straight plug paired with the INT-ZCG female socket with 90° contacts. They are compatible with the FGG and ECG connectors and feature 1 key, 2 nuts, and back panel mounting.

  • circular metal-shell connectors FGG EGG 0B 303

    This is the straight male plug INT-TGG(Z) with the INT-ZGG. The plug is FGG compatible and a nut for fitting a bend relief, while the female fixed receptacle has a metal shell, compatible with EGG. They have the classic pearl chrome finish.

  • circular metal-shell connectors FGG EEG.0B

    The INT-TGG with the INT-ZEG are IP50 connectors are multipole type metal out shell connectors that can have 2 to 32 pins. The female fixed receptacle has a panel-mount configuration for solder or print contacts. 

  • circular metal-shell connectors 5 pins 0B 1B 2B 3B FGG ECG

    Our INT-TGG(Z) and INT-ZCG pair are compatible with the FGG-ECG connectors. The female receptacle can be in a back panel mount configuration and have 2 nuts. All parts are durable including the gold-plated contacts and brass outer shell.

  • 0B FGG EGG 5 pins circular metal-shell connectors

    The INT-TGG with the INT-ZGG can have 9 pins in the 0B Series (or M9 size). All B Series metal connectors have a brass outer shell and M7 to M18 sizes and can have 2 to 30 pins. We have multiple key options for you to choose from.

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