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More Power with Multipole Connectors

INTE-AUTO’s circular multipole connectors provide lightweight, reliable data and power connections for multiple wiring and different kinds of equipment. They are high density and are available in many configurations. You can choose up to 48 low voltage contacts, different outshell sizes, and pearl chrome or black finish.

They are compatible with other known brands in the market today, making them precise but cost-effective substitutes. With such accurate specifications and high reliability, they are suitable for so many industries needing compact power and push pull latching technology.

short overmolding circular multipole connectors with black chrome

Short Overmolded Circular Multipole Connectors with Black Chrome

The INT-SSB is an over-molded, cable-mounted short plug with a half-shell key. It has 2 to 27 pins in the 0F to 3F (102 to 104 sizes). It pairs with the INT-D receptacle. The black chrome finish gives it a sleek, classic look.

Fischer circular multipole connectors plug female contacts

Fisher Circular Multipole Connectors Plug Female Contacts

We can meet your connector requirements, including straight plugs with female contacts. Check out this black chrome multipole connector pair from our Fisher series. The receptacle has multipole male contacts.

circular multipole connectors with elbow contact

Circular Multipole Connectors with Elbow Contact

90° contacts are important for connections with limited spaces. We offer the INT-TGG straight plug and the INT-ZCG fixed receptacle with elbow contacts. The female part can be configured for back panel mounting and can have two nuts.

circular multipole connectors with black chrome plated

Circular Multipole Connectors with Black Chrome Plating

These are the S and D connectors from our F series, a pair of highly configurable multipole connectors with IP50 rating. They are available in 102 to 105 sizes and can also be ordered in pearl chrome finish.

circular multipole connectors short overmolding

Circular Multipole Connectors Short Overmolding

The INT-SS is a short male plug with its pair, the INT-DEE from our F Series. They have a half-shell key with brass housing and a pearl chrome finish. Both parts can either have male or female contacts, they can reach IP68 degree when they mated.

circular multipole connectors S D 102 103 104 105

Circular Multipole Connectors S D102 103 104 105

The INT-S straight plug is a multicore connector with a half-shell key, a cable collet, PPS insulator, and a nut that can be variant for fitting a bend relief. Along with its fixed socket partner, the INT-D, this pair has an IP50 rating and M9 to M18 sizes.

circular multipole connectors FGG EGG 0b 1b 2b 3b

Circular Multipole Connectors FGG EGG 0B 1B 2B 3B

The INT-TGG and INT-ZGG is our equivalent to the FGG-EGG pair. The INT-TGG(Z) variation has a cable collet and a nut for fitting a bend relief. They are available with your choice of 2 to 32 contacts and a keying system for perfect alignment with similar connectors.

circular multipole connectors FFA ERA 0S 1S 2S

Circular Multipole Connectors FFA ERA 0S 1S 2S

This FFA ERA substitute is our model INT-TFA and INT-ZRA. They are an IP50-rated pair of multipole connectors in half-moon configuration. The stepped insert allows for polarization. Sizes range from 0S to 3S to fit 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 contacts.

circular multipole connectors compatible S and K 102 103 1031 104 105

Circular Multipole Connectors S and K102 103 1031 104 105

Our INT-S and INT-K multicore connectors can have interchangeable Core series Connector, Our F Series can have as much as an IP50 or IP68 rating for better sealing against particulates and liquids.

Get Your Power with Multipole Connectors Now

INTE-AUTO Supplies the Best Circular Connectors with Multipole Feature

INTE-AUTO is the most practical choice for a supplier if you need multicore circular connectors. 

Our products meet all your quality requirements for multipole connectors including endurance against extreme temperatures and resistance to high impacts, particulates, and moisture.

Whatever your specifications, we can build it out of our highly equipped facility in Shenzhen China. We place a high emphasis on precision and quality while delivering quickly to our customers. All these are available at one of the most affordable prices in the industry.

We have thousands in stock ready for shipping and a fast turnaround time for your orders. Best of all, we offer the best prices you can find in the industry.

Get innovative and cost-effective multipole connector solutions today at INTE-AUTO.

Related Products

1P Seris Plastic Circular Multipole Connectors

Our P Series plastic connectors, like this P Series compatible socket, are sterilizable and durable. They are made of a polycarbonate (PC) outer shell with a PPS insulator. They have gold-plated copper contacts.

Plastic circular multipole connectors with bend relief

Plastic Circular Multipole Connectors with Bend Relief

Our INT-P-TAG model is a straight plug plastic multipole connector from our 0P to 2P series. It allows for one key and has a nut for fitting a bend relief. It can be paired with any compatible plastic socket.

odu medical circular multipole connectors

Plastic Medical Circular Multipole Connectors

Although made of plastic, our medical connectors are guaranteed to last for over 1000 mating cycles. They are autoclavable, providing a safe and stable connection with every use. Pin counts can range from 2 to 26.

3P series plastic circular multipole connectors

3P Series Plastic Circular Multipole Connectors

We manufacture many plastic multipole connectors in a wide range of sizes including this M20 size INT-P-TGG from our 3P Series. It can have 12 pins along with its mate the INT-P-ZGG. Faultless mating is guaranteed up to over 2000 times.

2P series 12 pins circular multipole connectors

2P Series 12-Pin Circular Multipole Connectors

If you need an M17 size plastic connector, try this multipole female socket (INT-2P-ZLB) and male plug with strain relief (INT-2P-TAB). We offer several keys and nut colors for easy identification and mating.

1P PAA PKA Plastic circular multipole connectors

1P PAA PKA Circular Multipole Connectors

We offer plastic multipole connectors with 2 keys and 40°, 60°, 80°, and 170° degrees connector type variations. Nuts and cable collets can come in any of 6 available colors. They can have 2 to 14 pins, a nut for a bend relief, and a cable collet.

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