Coaxial Connector Utilized for Cosmetic Medical Equipment

Oct 19,2018

A Brazilian customer needed a more durable and better quality connector solution for their cosmetic equipment. They attended a Hong Kong electronics fair last October for this reason.

INTE-AUTO’s Push Pull Connectors have supported the cosmetic industry for several years with a good performance index. We show our connectors to the customer, and they are delighted with our solutions that help improve their products’ quality.

Based on the customer’s requirements for this particular product, we recommended the following features:

INT13-ZPS.00S, 250-Elbow coaxial female receptacle

INT13-TFA.00S.250, Coaxial male push pull plug

INT13-ZRA.00S.250, Coaxial female push-pull connector

INT13-TLA.00S.250-Elbow coaxial male plug


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