Connector for Medical Device

Case Study: Connector for Medical Device

See how our engineers repositioned the cable entry in a right-angle connector to solve the cable stress problem of a customer. This customer is a producer of medical devices.


The Challenge:

An international medical device manufacturer was having difficulty reducing cable stress on a piece of equipment.

• This machine has a silver piece located at the bottom of the device that clips onto a patient’s chest during machine operation.

• The silver piece connects to the cable. Because the connector is straight, the outgoing cable weighs down the whole piece.

The manufacturer asked us to provide a connector solution to remedy the cable stress situation.

FGG 1B for medical device


Our Strategy:

1. Applying Experience

Being experts in the connector industry, our engineers recognize the problem right away. The weight stems from having a straight connector between the silver piece and the cable.

2. Adding More Value to the Solution

INTE-AUTO’s engineers work better than expected. They look further than providing just what the customer wants. Our connectors are powerful but lightweight because of their size and compact design. The cable stress will be relieved not just with the correctly designed connector, but with the weight of the connector itself.

3. Giving the Client the Best Choice

The client has the option of choosing the best solution for his equipment. We identified several solutions right away but we narrowed it down to a few with the best advantages for the client.


INTE-AUTO Engineered Solution 1:

INTE-AUTO presented a right-angle connector where the female connector is in a rotated position. The male connector’s keying code was changed so that the cable was at the top position after plugging in. The new position relieved cable stress as the cable was not at the bottom.

The INT-THG(Z) right angle male plug from the 1B Series offers bend relief. This elbow plug also comes with a cable collet. It has multiple keying options, solder contacts, and can accommodate 2 to 16 contacts.

This 90° circular connector is made of chrome-plated brass with a nickel-plated brass latch sleeve and inner pieces. Its low-voltage contacts are of gold-plated brass. It is insulated with PPS and has an attractive pearl chrome surface finish. It has 360° screening for full EMC shielding.

INT-THG(Z) has an IP50 rating. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to a maximum of 200°C (392°F). It can withstand a maximum humidity of 95%. It is designed to be mated over 5000 times without affecting performance.

This connector is CE and RoHS-certified.

Best of all, it is equipped with the push-pull self-latching mechanism. This assures the operator of the device that there will be no accidental disconnections regardless of the patient’s movement, the machine’s vibration, or the silver piece’s movement.

FHG right angle plug

INTE-AUTO Engineered Solution 2:

INTE-AUTO designed a customized male plug that positions the cable on top of the silver piece after mating. This is design is an option if the female socket on the device cannot be rotated.


The Result:

INTE-AUTO presented not just one, but 2 solutions to the customer’s problem. The issue was cable stress, and we solved that by presenting 2 designs— one existing and one that we can easily manufacture. In both these cases, the weight was relieved through the position of the connector.

The customer opted for the first solution. Since we already have those in stock, we were able to ship the required pieces right away. In the future, mass production is not a problem as we have the capacity to manufacture up to 1,00,000 pieces of this connector per month.

Applying the solution we presented, the device was able to function flawlessly and without vastly reduced cable stress.

The customer was delighted with the speed of our response, the quality of our connector, and the savings they obtained. They were grateful.


INTE-AUTO Has the Engineered Connector Solutions for You

For ten years, INTE-AUTO has been creating cost-effective, customized solutions for their clients all over the world. We specialize in circular connectors equipped with the push-pull latching mechanism. It is a secure and widely accepted mating system in the electrical connector industry.

INTE-ATUO has the capability to manufacture your specific connector requirements starting from designing all the way to custom cabling assembly. We listen to your needs and always provide the right solution.

We are fast, precise, and consistent. Above all, we give you a very competitive price that will help you gain the lead in your equipment’s market.

Tell us your specific needs. We are glad to be at your service.

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