Precision F Series Core Connectors

Military-Grade Precision Core Connectors with Half-shell Key Coding from the F Series

Military-Grade Core Connectors

INTE-AUTO core connectors are built to last and to endure frequent mating and un-mating without losing connectivity. They retain signal integrity even in rugged applications, making them ideal for any use.

High-end use dictates the necessity for faultless core connectors. INTE-AUTO has exactly what you need with our Core Connectors from the F Series. They are equipped with half-shell coding for flawless mating.

They are also 100% tested to pass the strictest quality standards. Our core connectors guarantee safe and easy use even with compatible products from other brands.

Because of their very high standards and widely adopted push-pull latching system, these products are trusted and widely used by governments, industrial companies, medical equipment manufacturers, the military, and the scientific community.

Overmolded Core Connector Fischer compatible

Overmolded SS type Core Plug

The INT-SSA is a circular core connector – a short plug with overmolded black chrome color. It comes with a reliable push-pull latch system for the prevention of accidental disconnections. It is a core connector commonly found in military equipment.

hermetic core connector Fischer compatible

Hermetic DBPLU Female Socket

The INT-DBPLU is a fixed socket, a female core connector with 1 pin- coaxial contact. It is a panel-mount hermetic connector with an IP68 rating. We recommend it for heavy applications that need a reliable, waterproof core connector.

DEE Hermetic Core Connector Fischer compatible

DEE Female IP68 Receptacle

This IP68 core connector is a hermetic panel-mount receptacle with a fixed nut and G or A half-shell key. It comes in the 0F, 1F, 1.5F, 2F, and 3F series with 102 to 105 sizes. It is a watertight core connector perfect for outdoor use.

Core Connector Plug with Female Contacts Fischer compatible

S type Core Plug

Instead of a regular plug, this core connector is built like a plug with female contacts to suit your specific needs. It allows single or double chip positioning with your choice of up to 37 pins. It comes in S102, 103, 1031, 104, or 105 sizes and is ideal for products with compact designs.

Core Connector Plug Fischer compatible

S102 103 104 105 Male Plug Connector

This is the INT-S, a male core connector with a nut for fitting a bend relief. It has a half-shell G or A key, cable collet, brass out shell. This plug is unique in that it has male soldering contacts.

D type Core Connector Fischer-Compatible

D102 103 104 105 Connector

The INT-D is a compatible panel-mount socket with a fixed nut. This female core connector is in our 0F to 3F series spanning M9 to M15 sizes. This gives you the option of having anywhere from 2 to 37 pins.

Fischer-Compatible DBP Core Connector

DBP102 103 104 105 Connector

The INT-DBP core connector is a DBP-Compatible female receptacle with a black chrome plated. It is a multi-pin, soldering contacts, rear mount, IP68, It is generally used in military equipment and outdoor application.

Coaxial Plug Connector SS102 103 104 105

SS Short Coaxial Plug Connector

This core connector is a single-pin plug with coaxial contacts and a cable collet. It is a straight, cable mount short plug with 50 or 75Ω impedance. The chrome-plated brass body is ideal for rugged applications.

K102 103 104 105 Cable in-line Connector

K type Cable in-line Connector

The INT-DHG is a cable mount receptacle core connector with female solder-type contacts. It is a free socket with a cable collet. Options for keying codes include G, A. It can have as many as 37 contacts.

Get Your Core Connectors Now

The Best Core Connector Technology from INTE-AUTO’s F Series

INTE-AUTO’s F Series is metal core connector equipped with a half-shell key and a push-pull locking system. This guarantees no accidental disconnections, no mismating, and consistent signal strength for any application.

We provide customized solutions for our clients, including male or female contacts, different sizes, number of pins, termination type, the inclusion of cable collet or fixed nut, Our core connectors in the F Series have stylish designs and can either be in an elegant pearl chrome or black chrome finish.

INTE-AUTO core connectors are built to last and to endure frequent mating and unmating without losing connectivity. They retain signal integrity even in rugged applications, making them ideal for any use.

Because of the widely adopted push pull latching system, our core connectors guarantee safe and easy use even with compatible products from other brands.


We are a company trusted by many because of our high standards of quality. We achieve the best in core connector manufacturing because of our meticulous crafting and thorough testing. INTE-AUTO also can offer customized solutions for quick-release designs, and have standard or special cable assembly solutions for your convenience.

Are you ready for the best in class with the best in price? Order your multi-core connectors from INTE-AUTO today.

Related Core Connector Products

FGG ENG Multi-core Connectors

FGG ENG Multi-core Connectors

INTE-AUTO offers IP50 push pull connectors like this FGG ENG model pair. These are high-grade, space-saving, can take over 5000 mating cycles. They can be unbothered by environmental factors including heat, moisture, dust, vibration, or shock.

FGG ECG 0B 1B 2B 3B Connectors

FGG ECG 0B 1B 2B 3B Connectors

Our male and female core connectors guarantee unparalleled signal integrity with a secure push-pull latching system like this INT-TGG and INT-ZCG pair. The socket can have straight or 90° elbow contacts.

FGG EPG IP50 Core Connectors

FGG EPG IP50 Connectors

Try our right-angle socket FGG EPG-compatible core connectors from the B Series. They can be used for panel or PCB-mount applications because of the INT-ZPG with elbow configuration.

FGG EGG Core Connector

FGG EGG Core Connector

We also have the INT-TGG with the INT-ZGG pair of connectors that are compatible with the FGG EGG model. This is a straight plug and fixed receptacle male female connector combination that ranges from M7 to M18 sizes.

FGG EEG core connectors

FGG EEG Core Connectors

This top-quality IP50 connector pair is the INT-TGG with the INT-ZEG from the B Series. These durable connectors can have welding, crimp, or PCB-type contacts with straight or 90° configuration.

FGG ECG core connector

FGG ECG Connectors

Another reliable pair of multi-core connectors is this INT-TGG with the INT-ZCG. They are available in 2 to 30 pins and can have a straight or a 90° elbow configuration. They can have M9 to M18 sizes and your choice of key coding.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

Core Connectors- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

With the rapid increase in technology, it is very important to get a reliable connection solution to transfer data, signals, and current.

If you want a transfer solution that sends flawlessly data, current and signals with high precision from a low domestic level to a high military or medical level.

Due to this high demand, INTE-AUTO manufactures Core Connectors as a data, current or signal transfer solution from one cable or device to the other with 100% accuracy.

You should read the FAQ guide article below if you want to get detailed knowledge of INTE-AUTO Core Connectors.

You are always required to connect two devices or cables in order to transfer signals, currents or data.

INTE-AUTO F Series Core Connectors are used to fulfill this requirement.

They act as a small bridge between two cables or devices that can allow the transmission of current, signals and data among them in an efficient manner.

These connectors are available in metallic versions with two main external components:

  1. Plug
  2. Receptacle

The receptacle is connected to the cable, device or panel where you want to transfer your data, signals and current.

The device or cable from where you get your data, signals and current is always connected with the plug.

You have to connect the plug with the receptacle to start the transmission process.

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors have a simple mating and un-mating mechanism due to having a strong and reliable push-pull self-latching mechanism.

Its contacts are gold-plated to get maximum mating cycles.

These connectors are available in both straight and elbow configurations with different sizes and pin connections.

fisher connector


Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Core Connectors


INTE-AUTO Core Connectors have thousands of applications in different fields, but the details of some of its applications are given below:

  • Military operations
  • Medical applications
  • Aviation Industry
  • Marine applications
  • Communication devices
  • To power up LED lights, display screens, CCTV security cameras, signals etc.
  • Defense and security
  • Instrumentation
  • Electronics
  • Broadcast
  • Aerospace
  • Industries
  • Transportation
  • Robotics industry
  • Indoor and outdoor antennas

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Core Connectors Applications

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Core Connectors Applications

INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s mating and un-mating is a very simple and quick process.

You do not need much time and effort in order to mate and un-mate these connectors.

These connectors have a reliable and super strong self-latching mechanism that provides you with non-breakable connections even in harsh and challenging situations.

In the self-latching mechanism, arrowhead shape latches are fitted in the plug and receptacle.

The connector’s receptacle is consisted of an arrowhead shape groove inside its housing to fit the arrowhead shape latches of the plug.

The mating and un-mating can be completed by the following process:

  • First of all, you must align the half-shell key of the plug and receptacle
  • After alignment, you should push the connector’s plug into the receptacle
  • In other words, you must push the plug until you hear an audible click sound from the receptacle.

In this way, you will get a strong connection between INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s plug and receptacle that can only break by the steps below:

  • To unlock the connector, simply make a backward force on the connector’s plug
  • Doing this will remove the plug’s latches from the connector’s arrowhead groove
  • After this, the plug can easily be removed from the receptacle, and the connecter will then be unlocked.

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Core Connectors Working Strategy

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Core Connectors Working Strategy


INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s plug and receptacle are available in the following models:

Plug Models:

  • INT-S male plug model
  • INT-S female plug model
  • INT-SC male plug model
  • INT-SC female plug model
  • INT-SS male plug model
  • INT-SSA male plug model
  • INT-SA male plug model
  • INT-WSO male plug model

Figure 4 INTE-AUTO Core Connector's Plug Models

Figure 4 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Plug Models

Panel Mount Receptacle Models:

  • INT-D model
  • INT-DEE model
  • INT-DB model
  • INT-DBP model
  • INT-DBPA model
  • INT-DBPC model
  • INT-DEU model
  • INT- DBPLU model


Figure 5 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Panel Mount Receptacle Models

Cable Mount Receptacle Models:

  • INT-K model
  • INT-K (Z) model
  • INT-KE model
  • INT-KE (Z) model


Figure 6 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Cable Mount Receptacle Models


INTE-AUTO Core Connectors have the following features:

  • They consist of a robust self-latching mechanism for mating and un-mating.
  • They have unparalleled signal integrity.
  • These connectors are completely secured and protected against accidental disconnections.
  • INTE-AUTO designed them for quick connect and disconnect operations.
  • These connectors are ideal for compact product designs.
  • The locking and unlocking system is installed into the connector’s housing.
  • Emergency quick release or non-locking solutions are also available for INTE-AUTO Core Connectors.
  • Available custom cable assembly and over-molded injections.

Suppose you are in a challenging situation where:

  • You want to blind mate the connector.
  • You are dealing with a large number of Core Connectors simultaneously in one place
  • You have a small space to connect the plug with the receptacle

In all the above situations, you will always desire a connection solution that easily connects your plug with the right receptacle without doing much effort.

To overcome these factors, INTE-AUTO has designed half-shell keying (Code G and Code A) metallic guides on their Core Connector’s plug and receptacle.

With the help of these guides, you can easily and quickly blindly mate INTE-AUTO Core Connectors.


Figure 7 INTE-AUTO Core Connectors Blind Mating

Blind mating in INTE-AUTO Core Connectors is not a difficult task.

One or two half-shell shaped metal guides are fitted inside the connector’s plug and receptacle, where they mate each other.

These metal guides are given code names as code 1, code 2 or code 3.

Code 1 contains only one metal guide in the connector’s plug and receptacle, whereas two metal guides at different sites are fitted in codes 2 and 3.

Code 1 is considered the standard code, which you will always get in all INTE-AUTO Core Connectors, whereas code 2 and code 3 Core Connectors can be ordered on demand.

You can follow the steps below to blind mate INTE-AUTO Core Connectors:

  • First, you must keep in mind that the plug and receptacle metal guides are not in front of each other during mating.
  • If the plug metal guides are on the right side, then the receptacle guides should be on the left side, i.e., on the side where there is a space in the receptacle to fit the plug metal guides.
  • After alignment of the guides, simply push the connector’s plug into the receptacle until you hear an audible click sound.


Figure 8 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Code Keying System

The mechanical coding on INTE-AUTO Core Connectors has the following benefits:

  • You can easily connect the plug with the receptacle in small spaces.
  • If you are dealing with more than one INTE-AUTO Core Connector in one place, you can easily recognize and mate the plug and receptacle with the same codes.
  • If you are unable to see the plug and receptacle, you can easily connect them by aligning the half-shell metal guides keying of these connectors.
  • Mechanical coding increases the contact’s life span by avoiding mating a plug with the wrong receptacle.
  • Mating becomes relatively easy.
  • Safety and user-friendliness increase by decreasing misconnections.

If the cable bends near the plug, it can create hurdles for the data, current and signals to flow smoothly through the cable, and hence you will not get precise transmission results.

The bend relief is an essential component that prevents the bending of the cable near the connector’s plug.

INTE-AUTO manufactures both types of Core Connectors that may connect with bend relief or may not.

So, if you are suffering from cable bending, you must fit bend relief or strain relief with INTE-AUTO Core Connectors.

You can also order INTE-AUTO Core Connectors without a variant.


Figure 9 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Variant

Military operations are extremely tough, and they have to perform duties in challenging situations using the latest technology machines, electronic devices and vehicles.

To complete their missions and tasks, some of the electronic devices and machines they adopt are:

  • Battle management notebook computers
  • multi-purpose target locators
  • Satellite and space vehicles
  • Airborne devices
  • Land vehicles
  • Military radio

All the above-mentioned electronic devices and machines require transmission solutions:

  • That has higher transfer rates.
  • That can transfer accurately and precisely
  • Is able to work in complex environments
  • Lock and unlock quickly and easily
  • IP ratings must be high
  • They can be blind mated

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors have all the qualities and characteristics mentioned earlier.

So, these connectors can be applied in military operations without any hesitation and doubt.

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors are manufactured to work not only in soft environments but also in hard and harsh environments.

These connectors always give you the best possible results by transferring your data, current and signals efficiently and flawlessly without external interferences.

The manufacturing material is such that it can easily prevent dust and water particles and protect your data and the outer covering of the connector.

For instance, INTE-AUTO manufactures different models of their Core Connectors that can provide you IP50 and IP68 ratings.


Figure 10 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s IP Rating

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors have thousands of applications in different fields.

To provide excellent services and fulfill all those application requirements, INTE-AUTO has manufactured different sizes and pin connections for their Core Connectors.

The details of all INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s sizes and pin connections are given below:

  • INT-0F or 102 Series: The available pin connections for this series are 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9, having M9 Size.
  • INT-1F or 103 Series: The available pin connections for this series are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16, having M12 Size
  • INT-1.5F or 1031 Series: The available pin connections for this series are 2 to 19 having M14 Size
  • INT-2F or 104 Series: The available pin connections for this series are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 16 and 19, having M15 Size
  • INT-3F or 105 Series: The available pin connections for this series are 2, 4, 15 and 27, having M18 Size


Figure 11 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Sizes and Pin Connections

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors and the collet used in these connectors are available in different sizes.

Due to this, the cable diameter range that can be used varies for different series or sizes of INTE-AUTO Core Connectors.

  • 102 Series: You can use a cable with a diameter range between 5 mm to 5.0 mm in this series.
  • 103 Series: You can use a cable with a diameter range between 7 mm to 7.0 mm in this series.
  • 1031 Series: You can use a cable with a diameter range between 2 mm to 7.2 mm in this series.
  • 104 Series: You can use a cable with a diameter range between 9 mm to 9.2 mm in this series.

These connectors are manufactured with top-quality raw materials that can perform efficiently in both hot and cold environments.

If you apply these connectors in a cold environment and note the results, you will always get the same results after using them in hot environments for the same application.

For instance, INTE-AUTO Core Connectors can be used at a minimum temperature of – 40 degrees Celsius to + 250 degrees Celsius.


Figure 12 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Working Temperature Range

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors have the following benefits:

  • They are easy to lock and unlock.
  • The self-latching mechanism in these connectors provides you strong and reliable connection solution that never breaks under accidental tugs.
  • The excellent IP50 and IP68 ratings ensure complete protection against all dust and water particles.
  • They are 360° EMC shielded to assure you flawless transmission of your data, current and signals without affecting from external interferences.
  • You can use a single piece of INTE-AUTO Core Connectors a minimum of 5000 times.
  • You can easily and quickly blind mate these connectors in challenging situations due to half-shell shape mechanical coding.
  • They can be used in salty environments as they can easily resist salt spray tests for more than 96 hours.
  • They are lightweight and easy to handle.
  • You can assemble and disassemble these connectors easily in a short time.
  • The availability of INTE-AUTO Core Connectors in various sizes and pin connections allows them to use in many applications.
  • You can apply these connectors in all applications where you need to transfer current, signals and data.
  • These connectors can be used in a wide temperature environment.
  • They can easily resist shocks, vibrations, and humidity up to maximum level.
  • They are a reliable and affordable transmission solution.

Sometimes you have to transfer data, current or signals in a salty environment, but your connector is not able to prevent corrosion and start rusting.

Observing this fact, INTE-AUTO uses excellent quality material to manufacture their Core Connectors so that they can easily resist corrosion as maximum as possible.

After manufacturing, INTE-AUTO tested the rust prevention ability of their Core Connectors through a salt spray corrosion test.

INTE-AUTO found that these connectors easily resist salt spray corrosion tests for more than 96 hours.



INTE-AUTO Core Connectors have been assembled by using the following components:

Plug Components:                                              Receptacle Components:

  1. Latch Sleeve                                                    1. Outer Shell
  2. Male Contact                                                   2. Hexagonal Nut
  3. Insulator                                                           3. Outer O–Ring
  4. Fixed Spacer                                                   4. Inside O-Ring
  5. Inner Shell                                                        5. Retaining Ring
  6. Outer Shell                                                       6. Insulator
  7. Gasket                                                              7. Female Contacts
  8. Retaining Ring
  9. Collet
  10. Collet Nut


Figure 14 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Plug and Receptacle Components

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors and B/K Series Connectors provide you the same services, i.e., both are used to transfer current, signals and data.

Both of them use a keying system in order to facilitate blind mating of the plug and receptacle easily and quickly.

Still, these connectors have some differences, which are described below:

INTE-AUTO B/K Series Connectors

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors
The mechanical keying system is outside the connector’s plug,The mechanical keying system is inside the connector’s plug.
The codes used for the keying system of these connectors are G, A, B, C, D, E, F, and L.The codes used for the keying system of these connectors are code 1, code 2 and code 3.
It has one protrude, or two protrudes outside the plug as a keying system.It has half-shell metallic guides inside the plug and receptacle as a keying system.

Ingress Protection Rating:

  • B Series Connectors: IP50 ratings
  • K Series Connectors: IP68 ratings.

Ingress Protection Rating:

  1. Available in IP50 ratings
  2. Available in IP68 ratings
These connectors can be used with cables with a diameter range between 2.2 mm and 12 mm.These connectors can be used with cables with a diameter range between 1.5 mm and 9.1 mm.


Figure 15 INTE-AUTO Core Connectors Vs. B-K Series Connectors

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors have the following technical characteristics:

  • You can get around 5500 to 6000 mating cycles per piece of these connectors under the IEC 60512-5 test 9a standard.
  • These connectors are able to prevent humidity levels up to 95% at 60° Celsius
  • You can use these connectors at a minimum temperature of – 40 degrees Celsius and a maximum of + 250 degrees Celsius.
  • These connectors have the ability to prevent vibrations up to 10Hz to 2000Hz, i.e., 15g under IEC 60512-4 test 6d standard.
  • You can avoid the shocks up to 100g at 6ms under IEC 60512-4 test 6c standard using these connectors.
  • For salty and corrosive environments, these connectors easily withstand salt spray corrosion tests for 96 hours under IEC 60512-6 test 11f standard.
  • These connectors are available in IP50 and IP68 ratings under IEC 60529 standard
  • These connectors are 360° EMC Shielded and provide complete safety for more than 75db at 10MHz and more than 40db at 1GHz under IEC 60619-1-3 standard
  • Contacts: Manufactured using brass material (Gold Plated)
  • Housing: Manufactured using brass material ( Pearl or Black Chrome Plated)
  • Keying System: Half-shell shape metallic guides with three keying codes named code 1, code 2 and code 3.
  • Mating Strategy: These connectors use a self-latching mechanism for mating and un-mating the plug and receptacle.
  • The contacts are available in PCB (straight or elbow), solder, and crimp configurations.

No, INTE-AUTO Core Connectors are the simplest but strong data, current and signal transmission solutions that can be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled.

To understand the assembly and disassembly process of INTE-AUTO Core Connectors, you must follow the steps given below:

INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Assembling:

  • First, you should solder the receptacle contacts with the cable or device where you need to transfer data, current or signals.
  • Now cut the outer rubber covering of one end of the cable from where you get signals, current or data to expose small inner wires using a cutter.
  • After exposure of small wires, you must also cut their rubber covering around 2 cm from the start and uncover the conducting material.
  • Now pass the wire from a bend relief, collet nut and then from a collet by maintaining this order.
  • You should now solder the conducting material with the plug’s insulator contacts.
  • After soldering, cover the insulator using a split insert carrier and then insert them into the plug’s housing.
  • Now tight the collet nut by rotating in the clockwise direction and fit bend relief.

Following the above steps, you can assemble INTE-AUTO Core Connectors and ready the plug and receptacle to mate and un-mate.

INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Disassembling:

  • The receptacle can be disassembled simply by unsoldering its contacts from the cable or panel.
  • To disassemble the plug, first, you need to remove bend relief, collet nut and then collet in the same order as described.
  • Now, take out the plug’s insulator along with the split insert carrier.
  • After removing the split insert carrier, unsolder the cable conducting material from the insulator contacts.
  • Remove the cable from all plug’s parts and then again combine all plug’s parts together.

All INTE-AUTO products long last for many years because of the best quality material adopted for each product’s manufacturing.

You can implement INTE-AUTO Core Connectors in all harsh and challenging situations where there is a risk of product damage.

INTE-AUTO uses the following raw material to manufacture its Core Connectors.

  • O-Rings: These are used to build waterproof qualities of the core connectors and are manufactured using the best quality silicon material.
  • Strain Relief or Bend Relief: To avoid cable bending, bend relief is used, which is manufactured using thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) or Silicone.
  • Housing: The connector’s outer shell or housing is manufactured using brass material which is then pearl or black chrome plated. It is a rust-resistant material.
  • Contacts: The contacts are the main components that mate and un-mate continuously, so to enhance their life, gold plated brass is used to manufacture them.
  • Insulator: A high temperature and chemical-resistant Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) material is used to manufacture the connector’s insulator for use in laboratories.
  • Collet: For harsh and rugged industrial conditions, a resistive and conductive nature nickel-plated brass is used to manufacture the collet.
  • Collet Nut: The collet nut is manufactured using pearl or black chrome-plated brass to reduce rust or corrosion risks that reduce power or signal transmission quality.


Figure 16 INTE-AUTO Core Connectors Manufacturing

Only those Core Connectors manufacturer will provide the warranty of their products which have quality certifications and uses the best material to manufacture their products.

Fortunately, INTE-AUTO is China’s leading Core Connectors manufacturer with all quality certifications like CE and RoHS and uses the best raw material to manufacture their products.

So INTE-AUTO always provides an excellent warranty for all their products.

According to INTE-AUTO, you can mate a single piece of their Core Connectors more than 6000 times.

During these first 6000 matings, you will always get the same precise and efficient results that you get for the first time mating of the plug and receptacle.


Figure 17 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Mating Warranty

A free sample of the Core Connectors will be provided by only those manufacturers who have no doubt of any defects in their products.

INTE-AUTO uses the latest technology machines with the help of professional and experienced engineers to manufacture their Core Connectors.

So, they can provide a free sample of their Core Connectors without any hesitation to build their customer’s trust.

You can order a free sample of INTE-AUTO Core Connectors by clicking on the “Contact Us” or “Sample Order” tab on the INTE-AUTO website.

You can get your free sample order within three working days.


Figure 18 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s Free Sample

INTE-AUTO does not impose strict MOQ restrictions on its customers.

You can always flexibly order any quantity of INTE-AUTO Core Connectors.

If you do not want to place a bulk order, the minimum order quantity for INTE-AUTO Core Connectors is one piece.


Figure 19 INTE-AUTO Core Connector’s MOQ

Placing an order for INTE-AUTO Core Connectors is not a difficult task.

You can place a small or large order easily and quickly by following the steps given below:

  • You can contact us to place a small order for INTE-AUTO Core Connectors.
  • You can also place an order by contacting them on WhatsApp or WeChat at +8613420981319
  • To place an order via email, you can send all your queries to INTE-AUTO using their email: or
  • You can also place an order by direct dealing with the INTE-AUTO team. For direct dealing, you must visit their factory in Shenzhen, China.

Usually, the delivery time of INTE-AUTO Core Connectors depends on two major factors:

  1. The quantity of Core Connectors you have ordered, as bulk orders take more time for their manufacturing.
  2. The courier service you use to deliver the products, as some services use short routes while some use the largest routes to your destination.

INTE-AUTO values its customers’ time and always prefers to adopt the fastest courier services to deliver their products as early as possible.

  • The free sample will be prepared within three working days after receiving your order request.
  • For small orders between 50 pieces to 300 pieces, the lead time is 3 to 7 working days.
  • For bulk orders between 500 pieces to 1000 pieces, the lead time is 10 to 15 working days.



The above FAQ guide aims to provide readers with detailed knowledge about INTE-AUTO Core Connectors.

With the help of this FAQ guide, you can learn working strategy, advantages, specifications, applications, components and much more about INTE-AUTO Core Connectors.

INTE-AUTO Core Connectors are considered the world’s number one connection solution in order to transfer data, current and signals through different devices and machines.

Quality inspection teams verify all of their products and accessories, and INTE-AUTO is awarded different quality certifications for all of its products.

They have complied with CE, RoHS and ISO9001 certifications with a 5000 sq. meters working factory in Shenzhen, China.

INTE-AUTO was established in 2013, and due to this, they have considerable experience in manufacturing different connector styles.

You can always get customization services for your connectors.

You just have to provide complete details of your needs so that the professional and experienced INTE-AUTO working staff customizes their connectors according to your requirements.

Except for Core Connectors, INTE-AUTO also provides other connectivity solutions like Fluidic Connectors, Aviation Connectors, D-Tap Connectors, NIBP Connectors etc.

Thousands of INTE-AUTO Core Connectors are ready to be delivered to your address.

So, quickly contact the INTE-AUTO team so that your order reaches your address in the minimum possible time.

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