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Excellent and Economic EGG-Compatible Female Receptacles

Amazing EGG-Compatible Connectors

INTE-AUTO manufactures some of the best female connectors in the market including our EGG-compatible receptacles.

These are made of high density brass with an attractive pearl chrome finish and ergonomic housing.

The metal connectors feature precise compatibility with FGG-style plugs including our own INT-TGG male connectors.

Depending on the size, you have your choice of 2 to 32 gold-plated pins which are engineered for flawless connection.

Waterproof EGG connector

Waterproof EGG connector

Our K Series has IP68 watertight receptacles with high packing density like this INT-ZGG. It features straight or elbow contacts and can be ordered with any mating key you need. It’s tough and safe even for outdoor use.

front panel mount EGG connector

Front Panel-mount EGG Connector

Check out our B Series for the INT-ZGG fixed panel mount socket. It can have multiple keys and solder contacts. It is commonly used for testing and measurement instruments and other similar indoor applications.

14 pins EGG connector

Multipin EGG Connector

Our multipin receptacles offer you signal transmission stability. The gold-plated brass contacts are low voltage pins with solder, crimp, or print contacts. It comes from the 00B, 0B, 1B ,2B, 3B to 4B Series and has differnt panel mount sizes.

12 pins EGG connector

12-Pin EGG Connector

Try our INT-ZGG, an M12 M15 M18 size 12-pin female socket for panel applications. It has a fixed nut and a full 360° EMC screening. This connector can often be found in medical equipment and test equipment.

10 pins EGG connector

10-Pin EGG Connector

Our 1B to 3B series can have 10 female contacts in M12 to M18 sizes. This allows cable diameters of 4 to 12 mm. That’s very good for a wide range of equipment. Cabling is easy and we also offer in-house cable assembly.

7 pins EGG connector

7-Pin EGG Connector

Get fast and flawless mating with our 7-pin female sockets. Our metal electrical connectors are durable and can endure over 5000 mating cycles. They can be ordered in pearl chrome or black chrome finish.

6 pins EGG connector

6-Pin EGG Connector

Our connectors are versatile and 100% quality tested like this 6-pin EGG-compatible connector. Some of the applications you can use our connectors are sensors, ultrasonic, automotive, testing, and medical equipment.

5 pins EGG connector

5-Pin EGG Connector

This is our INT-ZGG from the B Series, a 5-pin EGG-compatible connector and another one of INTE-AUTO’s ergonomic and powerful female sockets. The diameter of the pins at this size is from M9 to M18 and is a perfect fit with the INT-TGG plug and FGG connectors

4 pins EGG connector

4-Pin EGG Connector

All of our female EGG-compatible connectors, like this 4-pin receptacle, are tested against humidity, extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, and salt spray. They are guaranteed dependable and strong even against accidental disconnections.

3 pins EGG connector

3-Pin EGG Connector

Our 3-pin EGG-compatible circular connectors have a wider diameter contact of 1.3 mm per pin. These pins are a solder termination type. You can ask us to do in-house cable assembly and even manufacture.

2 pins EGG connector

2-Pin EGG Connector

The 2-pins female front panel mount receptacle is an IP50 female EGG-compatible connector that mates with the INT-TGG or any 2-pin FGG-type male plug. It has brass-plated gold contacts.

0K 1K 2K 3K IP68 EGG Connector

0K 1K 2K 3K IP68 EGG Connector

Our EGG-compatible female connectors from the K Series all have IP66 to IP68 ratings. They are multi-pole connectors with 2 to 30 contacts, your choice of standard or multiple keying systems, and panel or cable mounting configurations.

Get Your EGG-Compatible Female Connectors Now

Quality, Reliable, Robust EGG-Compatible Female Connectors

INTE-AUTO manufactures robust female connectors compatible with the widely known EGG socket. We make them with industry-best materials that keep them lightweight but durable. This gives you optimal performance even with years of usage and frequent mating and disconnection.

Our metal connectors with brass housing can withstand extreme working temperatures from -40 degrees to 250 degrees. They have a high IP rating ranging from IP50 to IP68 so you don’t worry about dust or moisture.

They are highly regarded in the industry. That’s why you can find these products being used in medical, measurement to government defense systems. You can’t go wrong with our standard of quality and attention to detail.

All of these are equipped with the industry esteemed push-pull mating system. That makes it easy and safe to use for any type of wiring and equipment.

Talk to one of our engineers today and get your customized EGG-compatible solutions right here at INTE-AUTO.

Related Products

Waterproof K Series FGG Connector

Waterproof K Series FGG Connector

The FGG-compatible IP68 male plug from the K Series offers unmatched watertight mating capability. They function without fault even in the harshest environments where dirt, dust, and rain are present.

0K 1K 2K 3K FGG Connector

0K 1K 2K 3K FGG Connector

Our K Series FGG-compatible male connectors pair well with any EGG-type connector including our INT-TGG. These excellent water-tight connectors feature a nut for fitting bend relief and an IP66 to IP68 protection index rating.

0B 1B 2B 3B 4B FGG Connector

0B 1B 2B 3B 4B FGG Connector

Our B Series straight plugs feature the push pull mating system and a nut for fitting bend relief. They come in many sizes and can have a maximum of 32 contacts for hassle-free mating. Elbow plugs are available.

0B 1B 2B 3B 4B FGG Connector with Standard Nut

0B 1B 2B 3B 4B FGG Connector with Standard Nut

The INT-TGG with standard nut is one of our FGG-compatible connectors. It has a straight variation with one or two keys. Sizes can be the miniature M9 up to the larger M18 size to accommodate your cable diameters.

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