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Find your required connectors among our powerful Core and F Series. We have a complete range of compatible Fisher Connectors with very high quality.

These elegant precision connectors are made with a brass outer shell finished with pearl or black chrome. They provide quick and powerful connectivity made secure by the push-pull self-latching mechanism.

Each plug and receptacle is integrated with highly customizable features such as pin count, keying system, size, angle, voltage, and accessories.

Just send us the Fischer part number, INTE-AUTO team will offer a replacement solution to you.

Right angle fisher connector WSO

Right Angle Fisher WSO Connector

The 90° elbow Fisher WSO102 103 104 105 connectors is equipped with the push pull latching system that’s very easy to mate and use. This versatile product can be used for different cable orientations, and it can come in either IP50 or IP68 ratings.

fisher plug

Straight Fisher Plug

INTE-AUTO’s rugged Fisher plugs are well-suited for abusive or corrosive environments. They have 360° shielding against electromagnetic interference and dust-proof technology. One of your options is to avail of these protective sleeves for better protecting the cable.

Panel Mount Female Fisher Connector

Panel Mount Female Fisher Connector

Panel-mounted receptacles can have straight or elbow multipole contacts. You can either go for front or rear-mounted configurations with your choice of crimp, solder, or PCB contacts. These DBPC102 103 1031 104 105 receptacles can be ordered separately from the plugs.

overmolded fisher connector

Waterproof Overmolded Fisher Connector

Fisher male connectors are designed with a short shell for overmolding. We customize the plug to fit the female contacts, and the socket fits the male contacts. They can reach IP68 for outdoor applications. Ask us about our overmolding cabling services that will eliminate hassles and shorten your lead times.

OverMolded Fisher Connectors for Military

There are many military applications for our connectors because modern equipment demands lighter but more powerful technology. Thus, connectors are often worn around the person or carried. We produce lightweight and compact military Fisher connectors that are ready to face the harshest of environments.

fisher pearl chrome connector

Pearl Chrome Fisher Overmolded Connector

We have overmolded, short-type Fisher connectors that feature the half-shell plug configuration. The INT13-T3 model is a reputable design adopted in the automotive and medical industries for its unparalleled signal integrity and compactness. You can get them in either pearl chrome or black chrome finish to complement your equipment.

IP50 Black Chrome Fisher Connector

IP50 Black Chrome Fisher Connector

Our male and female Fisher connectors provide high performance even in rough, moving, and moist environments. They withstand below freezing and high temperatures without affecting reliability. We guarantee secure and faultless connections through their gold-plated nickel contacts.

IP50 Push Pull Fisher S102A051 D102Z051

IP50 Push Pull Fisher S D Connector

This black self-locking S102 103 1031 104 105 plug and D102 103 1031 104 105 receptacle is a pair of highly configurable push pull Fisher connectors. They can have cable or panel-mounted shell designs as well as your choice of pearl or black-chrome finish. They are tamperproof to protect against mismating and accidental disengaging.

fisher plug and socket

Fisher Connector with Bend Relief

This Fisher connector is typically used for testing & military devices. The multi-core connectors have low-voltage inserts and a PPS insulator. Plugs can have a nut to fit a bend relief and sockets can be assembled through solder or PCB contacts. The IP rating is 50, and it iscompatible with the Fischer 102 103 104 105 series connector.

IP50 Pearl Chrome Fisher Connector

IP50 Pearl Chrome Fisher Connector

Strong and stylish, our Fisher connectors come in different sizes that can accommodate a wide range of cable diameters starting from 3.0mm to 12mm. They can also have up to 55 contacts, your preferred keying configurations (G, A, or others), and low or high-voltage options.

IP68 Pear Chrome Fisher Connectors

IP68 Pear Chrome Fisher Connectors

Watertight IP68 connectors are highly needed for wet or submerged applications, or for areas where there is a high particulate count. Our IP68 Fisher connectors like these INT-S and INT-DBP models give you high-sealing performance and chemical resistance. That’s why they are preferred by the military and marine industries.

3 pins fisher connector

IP68 Fisher Plug and Receptacle

If you need excellent connectivity in a tight space, our Fisher S-type plug and DEE type socket does the job perfectly. They are space-saving and easy to assemble on your own. They are widely adopted by many industries for their top-notch design and high mating cycles (>5000).

Fisher military connector

Inversion Contacts Fisher Military Connector

Experience advanced technology with military-grade connectors that save weight and provide powerful signal strength. Our Fisher connectors have robust keying for lightning-quick response and data speed. They are 100% tested against corrosion, vibration, and shock.

fisher 102 series

Fisher S and DEE-type Connectors

The INT-S and INT-DEE are male and female connectors compatible with the Fischer 102 103 1031 104 105 lines of products. This straight plug and fixed receptacle from the F Series include a cable collet and can be ordered with a nut for fitting a bend relief. Other versions of this product may be configured with a non-locking or an emergency quick release system.

military fisher connectors

Inline Cable Male & Female Fisher Connectors

The INT-S and INT-K are cable mount connectors, they can be used for so many applications including medical, avionics, automotive, and military uses. These circular fisher connectors have an IP50 and IP68 rating indicating excellent performance in harsh environments. These models is available in 2 to 37 pins.

Get Your Fisher Connectors Now

Complete Line of Prime Connectors from the Core Series by Leading China Manufacturer - INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO gives you the latest most widely used connection designs in the market today with our line of Fisher connectors.

You will be impressed by the quality and style of these brass connectors. They perform at the highest levels, making them perfect devices in the crucial military, avionics, automotive, medical, and industrial devices or equipment.

We employ a dedicated team of skilled engineers to help you find the perfect connector solution for your needs. And we also have detail-oriented manufacturing technicians who understand your requirements.

But most of all, you will love how durable and affordable these Fisher connectors are. What once was only used for the most advanced military programs are now accessible to you.

Send us an RFQ, we will show you the many designs we have, meanwhile INTE-AUTO connectors can help you to save the cost and give perfect substitution connectors for your current device.

Related Products - Dust Cap

fisher socket with dust cover

Fisher Socket with Dust Cover

One of the best accessories for an unmated Fisher connector is the dust cap. Dust covers for the Fisher Series connectors are made of metal or stainless steel. They protect the plug or receptacle’s contacts against dust and liquid splash.

fisher socket with dust cap

Fisher Socket with Dust Cap

Our Fisher plugs and sockets can be ordered with a plastic or metal dust cap. All covers have a brass steel or plastic lanyard release material. Be sure to indicate in your order that you prefer your Fisher plug or socket with these protective caps.

Fisher S102 103 Plug with cap

Fisher Plug with Cap

The lanyard of the dust caps also helps with the handling of the Fisher connectors. Capsizes vary depending on the size of the part, the circular metal dust cover can reach at IP68 rating.

fisher plug with dust cap

Fisher Plug with Dust Cap

Dust cover materials can either be chrome-finished brass or copper. It can also come in soft plastic depending on your preference. Caps can achieve different protection indexes from IP50 to IP68.

fisher DEE socket with cap

Fisher DEE Socket with Cap

The dust cover for the DEE hermetic socket provides an IP68 protection rating for the exposed unmated contacts. Using the cap ensures that liquids or particulates won’t damage the product even when not in use.

dust cap for fisher connector

Dust Cap for Fisher Connector

Dust caps are lids that protect connector contacts from any damaging or corrosive contaminants such as dust, water, or even moisture in the air. Find the best-priced dust caps for any connector size only here at INTE-AUTO.

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