Four major trends in connector development

Connectors can be applied to many industries, and new technology is creating more intelligent machines. Today’s connectors reflect this, and can be summarized in these four development trends:

  1. The transition from signal-based to modular connectors

Traditional connector manufacturers are changing their connectors from signal-based to modular to increase profits. An example of this is cable suppliers adding an active IC to connectors with single cables. This results in the creation of smart cables that can monitor data.

  1. Smarter and more compact designs

Electronic products are now becoming thinner and lighter. Connectors and terminals will follow suit. They will become smaller, high density, multi-functional, longer-lasting, and able to be surface mounted. Connector manufacturers therefore must improve connector technology and add new designs to adapt.

  1. The change from single signal to multi-signal transmission

Traditional connectors, such as current, fluidic, data, or signal connectors, only transmit a single signal. With design development, connectors are now able to transmit multiple signals. The cables used on them can transmit optical, electrical, or other kinds of signals all at the same time. A benefit of this is the improvement of system reliability while saving space.

  1. From standard to customized products

Traditional connectors are standard products. All manufacturers can provide standardized connectors such as those with M8 or M12 sizes and such.

With the introduction of so many diverse electronic products come more intelligent machines such as robots and drones. Manufacturers, therefore, need to supply and develop customized connectors with different shapes and functions to fit the clients’ requirements. Thus, early involvement in product design is important for manufacturers.

INTE-AUTO currently has 25 precision CNC machines, 5 injection mold machines, 5 sandblasters, 5 printers, 5 dryers, and 5 hot stripping machines. Hundreds of plastic and SR cable forming molds are available. And several production lines are ready to manufacture your connector quickly.

INTE-AUTO guarantees maximum quality control through every stage of production. These include product research and development, mold manufacturing, metal stamping, plastic molding, assembly, full inspection, and shipment.

If your existing connectors do not fit your requirements, we can produce fully customized connectors specifically for you.

INTE-AUTO connectors are widely used in many fields such as the medical, testing and measurement, film and television, military, aerospace, industrial control, mechanical, automotive, and electronics industries.

Furthermore, INTE-AUTO has reliable technology and an excellent service team. We believe we are your best choice for connectors.

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