Half-moon Connectors Used for Baby Diaper Machine

Apr 26,2020

INTE-AUTO develops, produces, and sells advanced plastic and metal push pull connectors, offering you the right solution for every application.

If you are a baby diaper machine manufacturer, you need to find a connector to work with current and signal transmission. INTE-AUTO suggests you use our S series connectors.

Our low voltage, space-saving, and lightweight S series connectors are designed with the self-locking system and provide easy connection and cost-efficiency.

We provided push pull connectors with the following part numbers as a solution to one of our Turkish customers.

INT13-TFA.1S.302   1S 2 Pins straight plug, cable collet, Hermaphroditic keying (“half-moon” insert)
INT13-ZRA.1S.3021S 3 Pins fixed receptacle, Hermaphroditic keying (“half-moon” insert)

You are welcome to contact us today if you need a quick 3-working day shipment of any of our medical or military standard connectors.

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