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Hermetic Connectors

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Military-Grade Hermetic Connectors

Tightly sealed connections are critical for important equipment to function especially in harsh conditions. They must not only be dust-proof, but waterproof as well.

This is the main function of hermetic connectors. And the best quality and most cost-effective hermetic connectors in the market today are found at INTE-AUTO.

INTE-AUTO offers sealed and vacuum-tight circular hermetic connectors with impressive quality. They are ready to be used submerged in liquid, in dusty environments, or in pressurized containers. No matter the circumstance, these hermetic connectors will transmit clear and uninterrupted signal and current every single time.

Hermetic Connector FGG-Compatible 2B Size

Hermetic Connector FGG-Compatible 0T 1T

If you need a hermetic connector in the 0T and 1T series, this multi-core cable plug is the right choice. It can have as many as 12 male pins and it comes with a cable collet. This plug has a long life of over 5000 mating cycles.

Hermetic Connector S Plug Replacement

Hermetic Connector S Plug Replacement

Our 0F 1F 2F 3F hermetic connector plug provides waterproof connections for indoor or outdoor use. These IP68 devices can be used outdoors without any signs of leaks.

Hermetic Connector Alternative to SS Plug

Hermetic Connector Alternative to SS Plug

The INT-SSA from the F Series is an overmolded straight plug with 102/103/1031 size, G key, and half-shell coding. It is lightweight but made with strong materials. Overmolded cable manufacturing and assembly are also available for your convenience.

Hermetic Connector HGG-Compatible

Hermetic Connector Compatible HGG

This HGG-compatible connector from the B Series is rated IP68 for watertight-required applications. It has a panel mount application. It is a multi-pin circular hermetic connector generally utilized in the automotive industry.

Hermetic Connector HEG-Compatible

Hermetic Connector HEG-Compatible

This HEG-compatible hermetic connector with 0B size guarantees clear signal transmission. It is a multipole socket that fulfills your sealing requirements up to a rating of IP68. It is also available in 1B and 2B sizes.

Hermetic Connector DEE Replacement

Hermetic Connector DEE Replacement

The INT-DEE is a multi-pin panel-mount receptacle with half-shell coding. It is a hermetic connector with a reliable self-locking push-pull mechanism. It can be customized to have either male or female contacts.

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INTE-AUTO Manufactures High-Quality Hermetic Connectors for Everyone

Hermetic connectors are widely used in demanding applications including military, aerospace, and marine technology. That’s because they are reliable, eliminate electrical issues, and can withstand high pressures and altitudes without problems.

INTE-AUTO brings military-grade hermetic connectors for your own personal or business use. They are equipped with the trusted push pull latching design. They are easy to use even in tight spaces. They also have 360° EMC shielding against electromagnetic interferences. And because of their hermetic sealing, these connectors have a longer life as well.

All our products have the CE and RoHS seal of quality. We put our connectors through rigorous testing for ensured reliability, long life, and robustness. Some of these tests include resistance to vibration, shock, salt spray, and extreme working temperatures.

These hermetic connectors are not only tightly sealed but lightweight as well. They are made of brass housing with pearl or black chrome surface finishing. The contacts are gold-plated brass. They can be used in portable or moving equipment and machinery such as medical, dental, automotive, measuring, and research devices.

Bottom line: our hermetic connectors have high standards and optimal performance. And yet, they are affordable for everyone. Because of our company’s manufacturing capabilities, world-class hermetic connectors are now within your reach.

We are INTE-AUTO, your one-stop-shop manufacturer for the best hermetic connectors.

Related Hermetic Connector

Waterproof K Series FGG Connector

Hermetic Connector FGG Alternative

This FGG-compatible hermetic connector allows for 2 to 30 pins and can fit a bend relief. It has a compact design for space savings. It has guaranteed IP66 to IP68 protection and rugged housing for guaranteed sealed matings.

Hermetic Connector FGG-Counterpart

Hermetic Connector FGG-Counterpart

This male hermetic connector has an IP degree ranging from IP65 to IP68. It is a multi-pole type that can accommodate as many as 12  contacts. Cable diameters range from 2 to 5 mm.

Hermetic Connector HEG-Compatible

Hermetic Connector HEG-Compatible

This hermetic connector from the T Series is a multi-pole socket compatible with the HEG model. It is watertight or vacuum-tight and has low voltage contacts. You have a choice between solder or PCB configuration.

Waterproof Connector EGG Replacement

Hermetic Connector EGG Replacement

This K series EGG replacement hermetic connector is built for panel mounting. This fixed socket has a G key, chrome-plated brass shell and collet nut, and nickel-plated brass latch sleeve and inner parts. It is usually mated to the FGG plug.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

Customized Hermetic Connector Solutions for Any Application

INTE-AUTO has the ability to provide customized solutions for your unique connector problems.

Our hermetic connectors can be produced with male or female contacts according to your equipment’s needs. We can do various keying configurations, pin counts, and sizes.

Our knowledgeable engineers are here to listen and design the right hermetic connector for you. You can put your trust in these veterans in the connector industry.

We have no minimum order quantity. You can order one or hundreds of thousands of pieces. We can mass produce your special hermetic connectors in a matter of days. We have the capability, skill, and machinery to manufacture thousands of hermetic connectors quickly and precisely. All of these are 100% tested and inspected before leaving the plant. If you need additional services, we offer custom cable assembly and overmolding, too.

You will also appreciate our fast shipping.

INTE-AUTO is reliable, fast, and accommodating. We provide 24/7 online support and courteous service. We have many happy clients all over the world. We get many repeat orders and perfect reviews as well. And we are very happy to serve you.

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