INTE-AUTO B Series Connector Assembly Instructions

Check your package from INTE-AUTO to make sure all components are complete. Our B Series circular connectors should have:

  • An outer shell
  • A latch sleeve
  • An insulator
  • A collet
  • A collet nut
  • Split Insert Carrier
  • Male Contact

As seen in the diagram below.

B Series push pull connectors

You will need the following tools to complete the assembly:

  • A stripping tool
  • A solder gun and lead wire (for solder contacts)
  • A crimping tool (for crimp contacts)
  • Tweezers
  • A cutter

To assemble, follow these instructions:

  1. Strip the cable to a length depending on the interior contact lengths as required by the connector size. Slide and cut the screen shield to expose the wire.
  2. Insert the bend relief, if any. Then slide the collet nut (tapered side first), followed by the collet, into the cable. For connectors with type cable clamp, insert the collet system after the bend relief (if any).
  3. Strip the individual wires. Cut off any excess screen shield.
  4. For B Series connectors with solder contacts, solder the conductors to the contacts. Avoid damaging the insulator and cable.
  5. Slide the assembled contacts by the correct number (see markings) into the insulator gently, making sure that none of them cross or overlap each other. Do not twist the conductors unless specifically instructed. If the contacts are correctly placed, each one should remain in place even if pulled gently.
  6. Place the split insert carrier with the slot on the insulator, making sure that the slot aligns with the insulator’s notch. Complete the cylinder by pressing the other half against it. Move the collet to align the tag with the collet’s slot. For type cable clamps, move the reducer to align its slot with the tag of the carrier.
  7. Holding the assembly by the collet, slide the connector shell over the assembly. Make sure that the split insert carrier goes into the keyway of the internal slot under the mark (red dot). Align this with the collet and collet nut.
  8. If there is a bend relief, slide this into the collet nut. An epoxy resin adhesive may be used on the collet nut if the application involves strong vibrations.

For more guidance on assembling your INTE-AUTO connectors, contact our team.

We also provide connector cable assembly solutions if you so require.

INTE-AUTO is your engineering and manufacturing expert for the highest quality and most affordable circular connectors.

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