What is the Material Used in the INTE-AUTO Metal Connectors?

INTE-AUTO Metal Connectors Material:

There are different materials used in making circular connectors. Each part of a circular metal connector is made from custom high quality material to perform its duty. Various parts are made up of additional material. It is all according to their location and function. The harder the function, the tougher is the material.

Here’s the List of Material Used in the INTE-AUTO Connector:

  • Out Shell: Out shell of the circular metal connector is made up of brass plated pearl or black chrome. It is a corrosion-resistant material so it works better in a damp environment. Brass plated chrome allows it to work in moist conditions. Therefore, the circular metal connectors get long life.


  • Collet Nut: Like our shell, collet nut is also manufactured using brass plated pearl or black chrome. It helps build up the anti-rust properties. Rusting decreases the quality of signal or power transmission and aids in material deterioration at the same time. So, brass helps it to perform better in those stiff conditions.


  • Insulator: Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is the plastic that is used in the insulator. PPS is used due to its chemical and high-temperature resistance. So it helps circular metal connectors work and function properly in laboratories.


  • Collet: Brass plated nickel is the primary material for collet. Industrial conditions require a degree of toughness and strength from different parts of circular metal  connectors. Brass is an excellent alloy for conductivity. It is mainly used due to its conductive nature and resistance. Circular metal connector, therefore, can be used in rugged and tough environments.


  • Contact: Contact is the most important and probably the most used part of the circular metal connector. It should be challenging and rigid as it is continuously pushed and pulled. It is made up of brass which is further plated with gold. Gold plating enhances its natural properties and provides it resistance and power. Gold layered brass gives the contact ability to withstand all these factors.


  • Split Insert Carrier: As most of the circular metal connector parts go, it also uses brass. Brass is its primary material which is furthers complemented with nickel. Brass circular metal connectors are one of the best connectors due to their perfect performance.


  • O-ring: Silicon is used in the production of O-rings in circular metal connectors. It provides stability and durability to O-ring. O-ring is an integral part of keeping the circular metal connector sealed and waterproof.


  • Strain Relief: It is made up of Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU, highly durable, elastic, and flexible. TPU is a synthetic polymer that is best suited to strain relief. The cable protective applied on the circular metal connectors is efficiently dealt with by strain relief.

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