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High Quality Front & Back Panel Mount Connectors

Easy Mounting, Fast Connection, Blind Mating.

High Quality Front & Back Panel Mount Connectors

Easy Mounting, Fast Connection, Blind Mating.

Advanced Miniature Connectors

00S Self-latching Miniature Connectors
for Video, Earphones, and Telecommunication Applications.

B Series Lightweight Panel Mount Connector Engineering

INTE-AUTO is a leading push pull panel mount connector manufacturer in China, designing precision panel mount connectors that are completely compatible to current existing B and L series connectors by other brands. Our products meet the highest standards in durability and flexibility, guaranteeing smart, compact, and lightweight female panel mount receptacle connectors for all our valued clients.

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hybrid connector
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Front Panel Mount Push Pull Connector EGG

Front Panel Mounted Connector

INT-ZG* is a front panel mounted fixed receptacle, with Key (G, A, B…), solder and PCB contacts available.

Push Pull Connector Receptacle

Back Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZC* is a back female panel mounted connector with various keys available (G, A, B, or others), two nuts and solder contacts.  Options include straight PCB and elbow PCB contacts.

panel mount connector receptacle

Rear Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZE* is a rear-mounted fixed receptacle, with key (G, A, B…), female sockets solder cup or PCB contacts.

panel mount connector

Panel Mount Connector Receptacle

INT-ZHG is a fixed panel mount receptacle with a fixed nut and a protruding shell.

Female Panel Mount Connector

Female Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZN* is a female cylindrical multi-contact panel mount connector, key (G) for blind mating, with a grounding tab.

HEG.0B Vacuum-tight Panel Mount Connector

Vacuum-tight Panel Mount Connector

INT-MEG is a fixed receptacle, back panel mounting, nut fixing, watertight or vacuum-tight, compatible with HEG 0B 1B 2B.

compatible lemo HGG Panel Mount Connector

Watertight Panel Mount Connector

INT-MGG is a front panel mounting fixed receptacle, nut fixed, watertight or vacuum-tight, can be alternative HGG 0B 1B 2B.

EGG.00 Mini Panel Mount Connector

Miniature Panel Mount Connector

Selected the smallest size panel mount connector in INTE-AUTO,  we offer high-density configuration and fast connection.

EGG 0B Panel Mount Connector

Panel Mount Connector Plated Black Chrome

INTE-AUTO can offer panel mount connectors, it will be plated pearl or black chrome according to your orders.

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Panel Mounted Connector with Push-Pull Self-Latching System

High-quality push pull panel-mounted connectors are produced through INTE-AUTO’s advanced manufacturing processes. We fabricate different types of female panel-mounted connectors for you to choose from.

INTE-AUTO’s B series gives you an option of either front or rear panel mount connectors, with 2 to 32 multi-pins and 6 outshell sizes. You have many push pull panel mount connector choices for different applications in the military, medical, testing, conversion, or energy sectors.

All multi-pole body styles are mechanically coded. The G key is the standard key that ensures precise alignment of panel mount connectors during the mating process. Blind-mating ability is one of its best features.

Send us your detailed panel mount connector part number requirement so we can give you the best solution.

Elbow Panel Mount Connectors

panel mount connector 4 pin

Elbow Panel Mount Connector with Two Nuts

INT-ZXG is a type of elbow panel mount connector with two nuts, and is compatible with B series connectors.

panel mount receptacle

Right Angle Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZPG B series panel mount connector is an IP50 push-pull type elbow female connector,  it is widely used for PCB board applications.

B Series Female Push Pull Connector

90 Degree Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZEG is a panel mount connector with 90 degree PCB contacts, and back panel mounting.

panel mount connector 2 pin

Panel Mount Connector with Elbow Contacts

INT-ZCG is a precision panel mount connector with elbow contacts and two fixed nuts. It can be soldered to your PCB.

Manufacturing and Technical Details


Most frequent questions and answers

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors are small devices that facilitate the transmission of current, signals, or data between two devices

They include a male plug and a female receptacle.

  • The receptacle is installed on the device panels to receive data, currents or signals from other devices and transfer them to the complete circuit.
  • The male plug is connected with the device or cable from where you need current, signals or data and is used to mate with the receptacle in order to transfer them.

INTE-AUTO manufactures front and back Panel Mount Connectors.

The male plug must only be inserted into the female receptacle to start the transmission process.

For longer connector life, contacts are made of gold-plated brass.

With these connectors, you can work in harsh environments and transfer data, signals, and current flawlessly to your destination without any issues.

Different pin connections and sizes are available to meet the requirements of various applications.


Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors can be used in numerous applications.

Some of them are given below:

  • Using these connectors, satellites in space can transfer important data and current without any risk.
  • Military vehicles, as well as all types of military operations, can use these connectors.
  • All medical appliances can utilize these connectors for data, current, or signal transfer in both normal and extreme conditions.
  • These connectors can be used underwater, so they’re good for boats, yachts, submarines, etc.
  • In the public sector, these connectors can power signs, LED displays, CCTV cameras, and other equipment.
  • Data and current can be transferred in vehicles and machinery using these connectors.
  • INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors make it easy to transfer audio and video signals between two devices.
  • With these connectors, robotics companies can easily transmit data and current between different parts of a robot.
  • Antennas can be used indoors or outdoors to receive signals from these connectors.
  • Internet wiring, automotive accessories, AV equipment, data and communications, motorsports, aerospace, remote controls and space vehicles can also use these connectors.


Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connector’s Applications


INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors have two main types:

  • Front Panel Mount Connector
  • Back or Rear Panel Mount Connector


Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors Types

There is a difference between Rear, Front and Back Panel Mount Connectors.

The Back Panel Mount Connectors are also called Rear Panel Mount Connectors, so they are the same products.

So basically, there are two major types of INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors.

Both are mounted on device panels and are female receptacles that receive current, data and signals from external sources and transmit them to the complete circuit.

The only difference between them is the locking nuts.

  • Front Panel Mount Connectors have one nut for fixing with the device panel
  • Back Panel Mount Connectors have two nuts for fixing with the device panel.


Figure 4 Front Panel Mount Connector Vs. Back Panel Mount Connector

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors are available in the following models:

  1. INT-ZGG
  2. INT-ZCG
  3. INT-ZEG
  4. INT-ZHG
  5. INT-ZNG
  6. INT-ZCG (Elbow Contact)
  7. INT-ZEG (Elbow Contact)
  8. INT-MEG
  9. INT-MGG
  10. INT-MHG


Figure 5 INT-AUTO Panel Mount Connector’s Models


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