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High Quality Front & Back Panel Mount Connectors

Easy Mounting, Fast Connection, Blind Mating.

B Series Lightweight Panel Mount Connector Engineering

INTE-AUTO is a leading push pull panel mount connector manufacturer in China, designing precision panel mount connectors that are completely compatible to current existing B and L series connectors by other brands. 

Our products meet the highest standards in durability and flexibility, guaranteeing smart, compact, and lightweight female panel mount receptacle connectors for all our valued clients.

Send us your RFQ to get the correct panel mount connector solution for your device.

Front Panel Mount Push Pull Connector EGG

Front Panel Mounted Connector

INT-ZG* is a front panel mounted fixed receptacle, with Key (G, A, B…), solder and PCB contacts available.

Push Pull Connector Receptacle

Back Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZC* is a back female panel mounted connector with various keys available (G, A, B, or others), two nuts and solder contacts.  Options include straight PCB and elbow PCB contacts.

panel mount connector receptacle

Rear Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZE* is a rear-mounted fixed receptacle, with key (G, A, B…), female sockets solder cup or PCB contacts.

panel mount connector

Panel Mount Connector Receptacle

INT-ZHG is a fixed panel mount receptacle with a fixed nut and a protruding shell.

Female Panel Mount Connector

Female Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZN* is a female cylindrical multi-contact panel mount connector, key (G) for blind mating, with a grounding tab.

HEG.0B Vacuum-tight Panel Mount Connector

Vacuum-tight Panel Mount Connector

INT-MEG is a fixed receptacle, back panel mounting, nut fixing, watertight or vacuum-tight, compatible with HEG 0B 1B 2B.

compatible lemo HGG Panel Mount Connector

Watertight Panel Mount Connector

INT-MGG is a front panel mounting fixed receptacle, nut fixed, watertight or vacuum-tight, can be alternative HGG 0B 1B 2B.

EGG.00 Mini Panel Mount Connector

Miniature Panel Mount Connector

Selected the smallest size panel mount connector in INTE-AUTO,  we offer high-density configuration and fast connection.

EGG 0B Panel Mount Connector

Panel Mount Connector Plated Black Chrome

INTE-AUTO can offer panel mount connectors, it will be plated pearl or black chrome according to your orders.

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Panel Mounted Connector with Push-Pull Self-Latching System

High-quality push pull panel-mounted connectors are produced through INTE-AUTO’s advanced manufacturing processes. We fabricate different types of female panel-mounted connectors for you to choose from.

INTE-AUTO’s B series gives you an option of either front or rear panel mount connectors, with 2 to 32 multi-pins and 6 outshell sizes. You have many push pull panel mount connector choices for different applications in the military, medical, testing, conversion, or energy sectors.

All multi-pole body styles are mechanically coded. The G key is the standard key that ensures precise alignment of panel mount connectors during the mating process. Blind-mating ability is one of its best features.

Send us your detailed panel mount connector part number requirement so we can give you the best solution.

Elbow Panel Mount Connectors

panel mount connector 4 pin

Elbow Panel Mount Connector with Two Nuts

INT-ZXG is a type of elbow panel mount connector with two nuts, and is compatible with B series connectors.

panel mount receptacle

Right Angle Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZPG B series panel mount connector is an IP50 push-pull type elbow female connector,  it is widely used for PCB board applications.

B Series Female Push Pull Connector

90 Degree Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZEG is a panel mount connector with 90 degree PCB contacts, and back panel mounting.

panel mount connector 2 pin

Panel Mount Connector with Elbow Contacts

INT-ZCG is a precision panel mount connector with elbow contacts and two fixed nuts. It can be soldered to your PCB.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

Panel Mount Connectors - FAQ

The world is rapidly moving towards the era of unmanned driving and artificial intelligence. 

Therefore, modern machines, devices, computers, cables, and many other types of equipment rely on transferring data, currents, and signals.

The connectors play a crucial role in transmitting signals, data, and currents. 

In all new technology areas, such as driverless cars, pipeline crawling robots, military battery packs etc., INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors operate flawlessly.

It is possible to easily and quickly transfer any type of data, signal, and current from one device to other using connectors.

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Receptacle Connectors are explained thoroughly in the following FAQ guide.

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors are small devices that facilitate the transmission of current, signals, or data between two devices

They include a male plug and a female receptacle.

  • The receptacle is installed on the device panels to receive data, currents or signals from other devices and transfer them to the complete circuit.
  • The male plug is connected with the device or cable from where you need current, signals or data and is used to mate with the receptacle in order to transfer them.

INTE-AUTO manufactures front and back Panel Mount Connectors.

The male plug must only be inserted into the female receptacle to start the transmission process.

For longer connector life, contacts are made of gold-plated brass.

With these connectors, you can work in harsh environments and transfer data, signals, and current flawlessly to your destination without any issues.

Different pin connections and sizes are available to meet the requirements of various applications.


Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors have two main types:

  • Front Panel Mount Connector
  • Back or Rear Panel Mount Connector


Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors Types

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors are available in the following models:

  1. INT-ZGG
  2. INT-ZCG
  3. INT-ZEG
  4. INT-ZHG
  5. INT-ZNG
  6. INT-ZCG (Elbow Contact)
  7. INT-ZEG (Elbow Contact)
  8. INT-MEG
  9. INT-MGG
  10. INT-MHG


Figure 5 INT-AUTO Panel Mount Connector’s Models


INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors are a durable, rugged, and lightweight solution for a wide range of applications, including
  • Defense and military
  • Information systems
  • Medical and surgery
  • Machinery
  • Research
They come in 00B series and M7 size, 0B series and M9 size, 1B series and M12 size, 2B series and M15 size, 3B series and M18 size, as well as 4B series with different pin ranges. Detailed information is as follows:
  • The 00B series is available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 pin connections
  • The 0B series is available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 pin connections.
  • The 1B series is available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 pin connections.
  • The 2B series is available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, and 26 pin connections.
  • The 3B series is available in many configurations including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26, and 30 pin connections.

There is a difference between Rear, Front and Back Panel Mount Connectors.

The Back Panel Mount Connectors are also called Rear Panel Mount Connectors, so they are the same products.

So basically, there are two major types of INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors.

Both are mounted on device panels and are female receptacles that receive current, data and signals from external sources and transmit them to the complete circuit.

The only difference between them is the locking nuts.

  • Front Panel Mount Connectors have one nut for fixing with the device panel
  • Back Panel Mount Connectors have two nuts for fixing with the device panel.


Figure 4 Front Panel Mount Connector Vs. Back Panel Mount Connector

Most female panel mount connector designs are circular. They can also be square or rectangular depending on your application requirements.

INTE-AUTO manufactures space-saving and multi-pole panel mount connectors that can be connected quickly and easily. Connecting and disconnecting only require two hands as there is no need for special tools.

INTE-AUTO B Series panel mount connectors are suitable for indoor or vacuum-tight applications. Engineers choose them for demanding industries such as the medical, testing, instrumentation, and military sectors.

Choose from 6 available sizes among our B series panel mount connectors. We also offer hybrid connector solutions featuring hybrid electrical contacts and low voltage contact inserts.

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors have the following features:

  • A self-latching system with push-pull functionality for extra strength
  • Supports both aligned connections and blind connections
  • The following keying systems are available: alpha=0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 70°, 95°, 120°, 135°, 145°, 37.5°, 52.5°, and 155°
  • 360° screening for complete shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMC)
  • It is available in a variety of multipole configurations from a single pin connection up to 32 contacts.
  • A variety of techniques can be used to create crimp contacts
  • It is possible to mate blind even in tight and small spaces with high-density configurations
  • Available in solder contacts and PCB contacts (straight or elbow)
  • Our cable assembly solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The world is gradually advancing towards the unmanned driving and AI era. That is why energy resources including electricity are extremely important.

To this effect, connectors are indispensable in signal transmission. INTE-AUTO’s connectors transmit signals flawlessly in new technology areas such as driverless cars, pipeline crawling robots, military battery packs, and other similar applications.

The Panel Mount Connector developed by INTE-AUTO is suitable for those environments:

  1. High temperatures

High temperatures will damage the insulation material of the connector. This will result in the reduction of insulation resistance and voltage tolerance. For metals, high temperatures can make the out shell lose its elasticity. The heat will also accelerate oxidation and cause plating damage.

INTE-AUTO’s connectors are made of brass, the insulator is PPS, and adapted to withstand working environment temperatures from -40 to 250⁰ Celsius.

  1. Thin air

When working in a high-altitude environment with thin air, the voltage tolerance function of the connector is reduced. Therefore, very high altitudes may cause short circuits.

  1. Drastic temperature changes

The drastic humidity change test is used to imitate certain working conditions for the connector. One of these is a spacecraft or space probe situation where a cold environment suddenly changes into a warm environment. Sudden extreme changes in temperature may cause cracks or delamination of insulation materials.

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors can be used in numerous applications.

Some of them are given below:

  • Using these connectors, satellites in space can transfer important data and current without any risk.
  • Military vehicles, as well as all types of military operations, can use these connectors.
  • All medical appliances can utilize these connectors for data, current, or signal transfer in both normal and extreme conditions.
  • These connectors can be used underwater, so they’re good for boats, yachts, submarines, etc.
  • In the public sector, these connectors can power signs, LED displays, CCTV cameras, and other equipment.
  • Data and current can be transferred in vehicles and machinery using these connectors.
  • INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors make it easy to transfer audio and video signals between two devices.
  • With these connectors, robotics companies can easily transmit data and current between different parts of a robot.
  • Antennas can be used indoors or outdoors to receive signals from these connectors.
  • Internet wiring, automotive accessories, AV equipment, data and communications, motorsports, aerospace, remote controls and space vehicles can also use these connectors.


Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connector’s Applications


Yes, INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors can be blind-mated if you are unable to align or can’t see the plug and receptacle.

On INTE-AUTO’s Panel Mount Connectors, a keying system has been incorporated.

There are ten keying codes, which are known as G, A, B, C, D, E, F, J, K, and L.

Basically, these codes indicate the number of protrudes, i.e., one protrude (keying code), or two protrudes (keying code) and the angle between them from the center of the connector.

A code G has the key value one and is the standard code with the 0-degree angle from the connector’s center and has a single protrude on its surface.

When mating connectors with keying codes G, the protrude of the plug needs to be aligned with the protrude space or the red mark on the receptacle.

Furthermore, other keying codes have angles from the connector’s center as follows:

  • As represented by α, code A is 30 degrees
  • As represented by α, code B is 45 degrees
  • As represented by α, code C is 60 degrees
  • As represented by γ, code D is 95 degrees
  • As represented by β, code E is 120 degrees
  • As represented by β, code F is 145 degrees
  • As represented by α, code J is 5 degrees
  • As represented by α, code K is 5 degrees
  • As represented by γ, code L is 70 degrees


Figure 6 Blind Mating in Panel Mount Connectors

The ingress protection (IP) rating tells you how well the device you are using is able to resist liquids and dust.

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors can be used in all types of applications where excellent and reliable connections are needed.

If you use them inside or outside, you won’t be disappointed with their durability.

Neither rain, dirt, dust, nor water can interfere with the transmission of data, current, or signals.

There are various INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors, which can be rated up to IP50 as well as IP54.


Figure 7 INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connector’s IP Rating

These connectors provide exceptional performance over a wide temperature range for a wide range of applications.

They perform efficiently in both hot and cold environments because the raw materials used are of the highest quality.

For the same application, regardless of whether you apply them in a cold environment or a hot environment, you will get the same results.

In order to be able to function at full efficiency, these connectors do have a temperature range in which they can be used.

A Panel Mount Connector manufactured by INTE-AUTO is designed to function at the temperature range of – 40° Celsius to + 250° Celsius.

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors have the following benefits:
  • With Panel Mount Connectors, you can latch and unlatch them in a matter of seconds.
  • You can use these connectors to connect securely between different data transferring paths.
  • Connectors like these are widely used in many major fields, such as defense and military, information systems, medical and surgery, machinery, the research industry, etc.
  • Their cost-effectiveness makes them an attractive option.
  • You can easily transfer your data, current, or signals from one device to another without experiencing any disruption.
  • With these connectors, you can easily and quickly lock and unlock them without wasting much time.
  • The metal connectors can be mated more than 6000 times before they need to be replaced.
  • It is possible to blind-mate them easily, even if you are in a difficult situation.
  • The EMC shielding protects them from external interferences 360 degrees around.
  • The self-latching connection of these devices ensures that you will always have a strong connection that never breaks through accidental pulling.
  • Besides being lightweight, reliable, secure, and affordable, they are also chemically resistant and durable.
  • Depending upon the application, they are available in different sizes, pin connections, and configurations to meet the data and current transmission requirements.
  • There is no problem in assembling and disassembling these connectors as they can be done quickly and easily.
  • The IP50 and IP54 ratings ensure that you can use them both indoors and outdoors without any problems.

The salt spray corrosion test is a technique used by different manufacturers to evaluate, test and verify the corrosion resistance properties of the products.

If you want to use connectors in an environment where rust can affect your connectors, you should do a salt spray corrosion test before applying them to your application.

It is worth mentioning that all the series products supplied by INTE-AUTO undergo salt spray corrosion testing.

INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors have demonstrated that they have the ability to withstand this test for over 96 hours based on statistical analysis.

The technical specifications for INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors are as follows:

  • They can be used up to 6000 times per piece according to IEC 60512-5 test 9a.
  • A humidity level of less than 95% will be found at 60 degrees centigrade.
  • They are suitable for use at temperatures as low as – 40 degrees Celsius and as high as + 250 degrees Celsius.
  • In accordance with the IEC 60512-4 test 6d standard, they can withstand vibrations that are between 10Hz and 2000Hz, i.e., 15g.
  • The IEC 60512-4 test 6c standard illustrates that they can withstand shocks up to 100 grams in six milliseconds.
  • In accordance with IEC 60512-6 test 11f, they can withstand salt spray test for a period of 96 hours.
  • They can provide IP50 and IP54 ratings in accordance with the IEC 60529 standard.
  • These connectors meet the requirements of IEC 60619-1-3 and are EMC shielded with dB values greater than 75 dB at 10MHz and 40 dB at 1GHz
  • Brass (gold-plated) is used as a material for manufacturing contacts.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) are used for the production of the insulator.
  • Housings are typically made from brass plated with black or pearl chrome.
  • A variety of keying codes are available, including G, A, B, C, D, E, F, J, K, and
  • The self-latching mechanism is employed during mating and un-mating.
  • Various types of contacts are available for these connectors, including PCB (straight or elbow), solder, and Crimp.
Panel Mount Connectors manufactured by INTE-AUTO are made from premium quality materials to provide long-lasting performance. In order to offer their customers the best service at the best price, they always think of the best option for their customers. INTE-AUTO uses these materials to manufacture this connector:
  • Insulating materials include polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS).
  • Brass is plated with pearl or black chrome to manufacture the housing or outer shell.
  • The collet nut is made out of brass that is chrome-plated in either black or pearl.
  • In order to manufacture the collet, nickel is plated on brass.
  • A split insert carrier is made of brass with a nickel plating
  • The male contacts are made of gold plated brass
  • The female contacts are manufactured with both Brass (Gold Plated) and Phosphorous Copper (Gold Plated)
  • A bend relief or strain relief can be made by using either polyurethane (TPU) or silicone to cushion the bend.

Figure 8 INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors Manufacturing

As soon as you have become satisfied with the quality of the product, INTE-AUTO can assist with placing large orders of its Panel Mount Connectors.

For INTE-AUTO, trust is more important than money when it comes to doing business with customers.

A good relationship is first established with the customers so that they will be happy with their services, and then they make the business deal.

For the purpose of building trust with their customers, INTE-AUTO offers free samples of their products, including the INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors.

For prospective customers who are interested in testing out the INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors in their application before ordering a large quantity, they can request a free sample from the company.

You can request a free sample of INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors by contacting the support team via the “Contact Us” or “Sample Order” tab on the INTE-AUTO website.


INTE-AUTO: Your China Supplier for Panel Mount Connectors

If you’re looking for a panel mount connector to give you a smooth signal and current transmission on your device, INTE-AUTO has the perfect solution for you.

We offer you quality push-pull panel mount connectors designed with the self-latching connection system which can endure 6000 mating cycles, gives you the ease of operation, and saves space. The panel mount connector provides quick, simple, and dependable connectivity. INTE-AUTO manufactures different types of panel mount connectors that are compatible and can mate easily with other brands’ push-pull panel mount connectors.

Total B Series Panel Mount Connector Types:
Female Panel Mount Connector:Panel Mount Connector


Panel Mount Connector


90-degree Elbow Panel Mount Connector for the Printed Circuit (Solder or Screw Fixing)

Panel Mount Connector

INT-ZPG INT-ZXG (back panel mounting)

INTE-AUTO is a manufacturer that has spent nearly ten years doing independent research, development, and production of circular push-pull self-locking connectors and panel-mount connectors. INTE-AUTO also processes custom wire-speed components.

INTE-AUTO has a production research and development facility of 5,000 square meters. They produce connectors using high-precision, high-efficiency production equipment. Examples of this equipment are vertical injection molding machines, grinders, Japanese STAR CNC lathes, precision salt spray testing machines, computerized vertical force testing machines, voltage tolerance testers, DC low resistance testers, and insulation resistance testers, and plug lead bending testers. Using these, INTE-AUTO guarantees quality products and timely deliveries for every customer.

INTE-AUTO has obtained independent trademarks and appearance patents as well as several certifications, including ISO, CE, and RoHS. Every process in production strictly upholds the standards of these quality policies. In addition, INTE-AUTO implements comprehensive management and earnestly complies with ISO9001:2015 QMS requirements. They consistently do these to provide customers with high-precision technology and quality assurance.

INTE-AUTO’s connectors have been used in many industries such as the military, medical, inspection and measurement, audio/video, automation, industrial electronics, and instrumentation fields. The product is small, lightweight, and flexible. It can be installed on the external interfaces of various portable equipment. Most of all, it meets the current or signal connection requirements of various devices.

INTE-AUTO produces connectors using high-quality components. These connectors have a perfect design, easy to use, durable, and can be plugged and unplugged up to 6000 times. Moreover, they are perfectly compatible with similar foreign brands’ connectors.

If you need to purchase standard or customized push-pull self-locking panel mount connectors, INTE-AUTO is your best choice.

Contact INTE-AUTO to get your cost-effective panel mount connector solutions from China.


In the following FAQ guide page, you have been able to read in detail about INTE-AUTO’s Panel Mount Connectors.

After reading this guide, you will get an understanding of knowledge about INTE-AUTO Panel Mount Connectors, including their uses, advantages, specifications, applications, and components.

As one of the best connector manufacturers in China, INTE-AUTO has been ranked as one of the top ten manufacturers of connectors in China.

Our Panel Mount Connectors are exported internationally to a wide range of sectors, such as the government, the industrial sector, the aviation sector, the medical sector, the military sector, and so forth.

It is INTE-AUTO’s goal to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the quality of our products and with our support services.

Before the Panel Mount Connectors are delivered to our customers, we constantly test and check them for any defects.

They have a 0.05% defect rate with 100% precision in the products they manufacture

They have also been certified CE, RoHS, and ISO9001 with a working factory in Shenzhen, China, that consists of 5000 square meters of production area.

You must get in touch with the INTE-AUTO support team as soon as possible, and they will be able to handle the rest for you.

If you would like to place an order, please visit the Contact Us page!

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