Production Policy

  • Quality Requirements
    • INTE-AUTO guarantees all of the connectors and assembly cables conform to all the required quality requirements
    • INTE-AUTO always confirms that the connectors and assembly cables production processes are carried out according to technical specifications, drawings, and the most updated technical files.
    • INTE-AUTO will use replacement parts after receiving approval in writing.
    • INTE-AUTO guarantees conformance to the accepted quality level (AQL) of 0.65% according to the ISO 2859-1 standard individual sampling, test level II.
  • Quality Inspections
    • Inspection of incoming materials (raw materials)
    • Production in Process inspection
    • Final product testing
    • All the above testing ensures that the products meet all requirements before sending products to customers.
  • Package Instructions
    • INTE-AUTO package department is responsible for packaging that will ensure the quality, wholeness and protection of the product during the different phases of the production process, storage, and transport (including anti-static for parts/electronic components) until their arrival at the customer’s warehouse.
    • Each package will be identified by (at the minimum): INTE-AUTO contact information, purchase order Number, part Number, production date, quantity (and all other identification as requested)


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