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Fully Integrated Push Pull Cable Connectors

At INTE-AUTO, you can get military-grade push pull cable connectors and complete with cables professionally attached. This integrated solution saves you time, trouble, and extra expenses compared with looking for another cable assembler. We can do it all for you with the highest quality.

We have excellent cables in various designs and materials for our push pull cable connectors. These include quality copper wiring and thermoplastic or silicone-covered cables for overmolding. We can order the cable from a trusted, ISO-certified supplier, and manufacture the cable assemblies.

Whether you require just connectors or full custom cable assembly, INTE-AUTO has innovative solutions for you.

push pull cable connector SS102 103 1031

Push Pull Cable Connector SS102 103 1031

We have the right cables for different connector sizes including 3.0 to 14mm cable diameters. These will fit well with different push pull cable connectors in the F Series like the INT-S, INT-SS, and INT-SSA.

Push Pull Cable Connector S102 103 104 105

Push Pull Cable Connector S102 103 104 105

Our custom cable assemblies include fully integrated solutions for F Series push pull cable connectors in different sizes. We offer S102 to 105 sizes with half-shell key. They can come in pearl chrome finish or black chrome to match the cable.

push pull cable connector FGG

Mechanical Keyboard Cable Connector FGG

We have the manufacturing capacity to mass-produce custom constructed FGG-compatible connectors to cables. Durable cables are available for all models like the INT-TGG 00B to 3B series straight plugs or right-angle plugs.

push pull cable connector FGG EGG

Push Pull Cable Connector FGG EGG

Contact us if you need high-quality push in cable connectors for M7 to M18 sizes, like for the FGG EGG plug socket or receptacle. You have the choice between 2 to 30 pins for easier mating. We have fast turnaround times for prototype builds and regular bulk orders.

push pull cable connector FGG EGG 2B 316

Push Pull Cable Connector FGG EGG 2B 316

Ordering completely built FGG EGG 2B plugs and sockets with special cables saves you time and money. We are your one-stop-shop supplier for excellent push pull cable connectors in any size or configuration.

push pull cable connector FGG 2b

Cable Mount Connector FGG 2B

Since our connectors have impressive IP ratings, the cables we have available for them are high performance, IP rated quality as well. We have the perfect cables for INT-TGG and INT-DHG straight plug and free receptacle ready to complete for you.

Push Pull Cable Connector FGG 1b

Miniature Cable Connectors FGG

Our FGG B Series assemblies can be ordered with any length of cable you want. This way, you can save space and have fewer chances of signal transmission interruption. We can attach these cables to both straight plug or fixed receptacles.

Push Pull Cable Connector EGG

Push Pull Cable Connector EGG

The EGG-equivalent INT-ZGG female sockets have a reliable self-locking push-pull mating system, they can come soldered to the cable depending on its number of contacts. These can range from 2 to 32 pins as the receptacle can range from 0B to 4B sizes.

push pull cable connector EGG.0B

Push Pull Cable Connector EGG.0B 5 Pins

Our cables come with proper EMC shielding just like the connectors we manufacture with them. The EGG-compatible connector from the B Series is a compact, high-density connector for panel mounting and has 360° EMC shielding.

Push Pull Cable Connector EGG 3B 322

Push Pull Cable Connector EGG 3B 322

The EGG 3B compatible connector can be constructed with 26, 24, or 22AWG cable in the length you prefer. This assembly is mostly used for communication systems and kidney dialysis machines.

Push Pull Cable Connector EGG 2B 316

Push Pull Cable Connector EGG 2B 316

Our quality connectors like the EGG-compatible INT-ZGG is built with a nut for easy front panel mounting. This connector from the B series can be used with electrical or medical cables depending on the purpose of use.

push pull cable connector EGG 0B 305

Push Pull Cable Connector EGG 0B 305

Our INT-ZGG is the equivalent of the EGG connector and can have anywhere from 2 to 30 pins. They can be joined with LED, medical, or industrial instrumentation among many other choices for your equipment.

Get Your Push Pull Cable Connectors Now

Get Completely Built Push Pull Cable Connectors from INTE-AUTO

It’s not easy to find a company that offers complete solutions for all your needs. But INTE-AUTO is here and committed to giving you convenience starting from design to connector and cable custom assembly solutions.

We have over 10,000 push pull cable connector designs to choose from including B, K, S, F, P, H, WP series products in male and female configurations. They are all durable, dust and moisture-proof, and designed for challenging environments. On top of being customizable, you can order them fully assembled with the specific type and length of cable you need.

These robust cables carry the same high quality as our connectors so you can expect quick connectivity and top performance during use.

So talk to one of our engineers now to find the most innovative push pull cable connector design solutions for you. We have low MOQs but can also fulfill high volume orders.

Related Products

Right angle push pull cable connector

D-Tap to Right Angle Cable Connector

We can connect our D-tap male or female connectors to right angle push pull connectors like INT-THG, INT-WSO, or INT-TLA. The 90° elbow configuration helps save space and protects your cable.

push pull cable connector FGG

Push Pull Cable Connector FGG

Our multipole INT-TGG plug and cable assembly give lightning-fast connections with different cables. The straight cable-mounted connector is typically used for testing, measurement, and medical devices.

Push Pull Cable Connector D-tap

Push Pull Cable Connector D-Tap

We can produce robust straight plug to D-tap assemblies to your liking. Just provide us with the right length and detailed specification of cable so you can avoid dangling lines and tangles in your camera kit.

D-tap connector cable

D-Tap Connector with Spring Cable

If you want constant camera power plus more, try our male D-tap B to 4-Port female D-Tap P-Tap hub adapter splitter. It helps you assemble straight cable for photography power and organize multiple lines in your gear.
D-tap connector cable

D-Tap Connector Cable

We can manufacture D-tap to DC barrel jack adapter for quick charging power. These are using for gold batteries. Just specify the right voltage for the country of use.

BP15 connector cable

BP15 Connector to Cable

We also have medical-grade pneumatic connectors with coiled or straight wires for blood pressure monitors. They are connected to the NIBP cuff to get accurate readings.

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