Push-Pull Connection

What is the push-pull connection design?

The push pull connection system is a simple, safe, lightweight, smart, and easy-to-operate precision advanced circular connector system. It can be automatically locked and unlocked by simply pushing and pulling, providing a very secure mechanical connection system for many applications. The push pull connector’s main design is circular and can be made of metal or plastic. Both types are rugged push pull electrical connectors.

Where do you use push pull connectors?

Common applications include aviation, testing, military, medical, communications, scientific laboratories, universities, machinery, audio, video, camera drones, surveying and mapping, information systems, industrial controls, and automotive, to name a few.

Where did the push pull connector originate?

The original push pull connector originated from a Swiss connector company and a German connector company. After nearly 60 years of research and design development, these brands have developed over 75,000 types of connectors. The device provides excellent and comprehensive solutions for different industries.

In China, the push pull connector’s locking mechanism was designed in 2005 by a Chinese connector factory. Customers today want a cost-effective connector from China compatible with other brands. They look to INTE-AUTO, a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of customized precision connector solutions.

How do you choose from manufacturers of circular connectors in China?

INTE-AUTO is a leading circular manufacturer in China. They offer metal and plastic connectors as an alternative solution to the leading brands’. They have more than 8 years of solid experience, offering clients over 10,000 kinds of connectors to choose from. Lead times are as fast as 3 working days with 100% quality inspection. They serve over 2,000 customers in more than 35 countries worldwide.


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