INTE-AUTO Push Pull Connector Engineering

What are the Latest Technologies and Processes of the Push Pull Self-Locking Connector that are Designed and Developed by INTE-AUTO?

INTE-AUTO can provide customers with sophisticated and personalized connector solutions. They can be specially designed for extremely harsh environments. They can also be waterproofed and sealed. The working temperatures of these connectors can range from -40°C to 250°C. They can be used for vehicle-mounted or airborne monitoring systems, controls, communication equipment, medical devices, power supply systems, and much more.

What Services can the INTE-AUTO Team Provide Their Customers?

The advantage of the push pull self-locking connector is its precision over similar products. INTE-AUTO can create a connector with the same size as other brands but with more cores and higher reliability. New solutions and products are constantly being developed yearly for our customers.

Although we offer a wide range of products, we recognize the nuances of each requirement. It is towards these specifics that INTE-AUTO can design and produce precise, customized connectors. The use of the most advanced engineering development tools and innovative design techniques makes this possible.

Which Type of Connector will Continue to Rise in Popularity and Why?

Currently, there is a rapid growth in demand for high-end connectors in China and the global market. We are seeing industries like radio and television, medicine, industrial, and military need more connectors. INTE-AUTO can provide more than 10,000 product combinations. In addition, each connector can be custom-designed according to the customer’s specifications.

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