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Our line of push pull plug connectors provides the power and reliability you need in a small, compact product to save you space and protect your connections.

Whether you want straight or 90° elbow push pull plugs, we have them in our complete catalog.

These superior push pull plugs are guaranteed rugged and durable. They are equipped with the globally-trusted push pull latching system for secure, seamless matings.

With their precise design, they are compatible with most existing push pull plugs out in the market today.

Browse around our product list and order today. We guarantee fast shipping.

Overmolded Push Pull Plug

Overmolded Push Pull Plug

The INT-SS from the F Series is a tough metal push pull plug that gives you matchless performance even up to 6000 mating cycles. It is a cable mount plug with cable collet. All the connectors from the F Series can be assembled or overmolded with cable.

right angle push pull plug

Right Angle Push Pull Plug

The INT-THG metal connector is a 90-degree elbow plug from the 00B Series. It accommodates a fixed cable size of 3.0mm and has gold-plated brass contacts. It is the preferred connector to give you uninterrupted signal while located in places like corners and edges.

push pull plug for HD800 earphones

Push Pull Plug for HD800 Earphones

Enjoy total audio clarity and power with INTE-AUTO’s metal plug connector for Sennheiser HD800 earphones. They are fully compatible 00B  that are easier to assemble than the original through the push pull latching system. These plugs also fit the HD800 S and other similar earphones.

HR10 push pull plug

HR10 Push Pull Plug

The INT-HR10 miniature camera connector has a 5-key system that ensures perfect mating with every connection. This high-density plug can be customized with 4 to 12 pins. It is easily soldered the wire and mate the HR10 socket, making it an simple yet effective plug.

FVG 00 Push Pull Plug

FVG 00 Push Pull Plug

The FVG 00 push pull plug is specifically designed as a mini and short shell for bend relief, withstand high-performance connection, It relies on the push-pull latching technology, making it easier to use than other type plugs.

FNG Push Pull Plug 0B 1B 2B

FNG Push Pull Plug

This quick-locking FNG push pull plug comes in a straight plug with bend relief. It also features lanyard release. The high-density design of the plug is available in 0B and 1B mechanical keying options.

FLA 00S push pull plug

FLA 00S Push Pull Plug

The durable FLA 00S push pull plug from INTE-AUTO is a coaxial connector with a choice of 50Ω resistance. This right-angle plug has male solder pins and circular keying. M7, M9, M12, and M15 sizes are available.

FHG 00 push pull plug

FHG 00 Push Pull Plug

The 2 3 4 5-pin FHG push pull plug is an industrial connector with many applications such as medical, communications, and audio/video. Cable assembly on this 90° elbow can be done through crimping, soldering, or PCB pin-mounting.

FGG.00 Straight Push Pull Plug

FGG.00 Push Pull Plug

The FGG.00 mini push pull plug is a high-density plug with solder contacts. Although small, this M7-size compact connector is equipped with a nut for fitting a bend relief. Pin options are 2 to 5 multi-poles.

FGG.00 Straight Push Pull Plug

FGG.00 Straight Push Pull Plug

Another M7-sized mini connector is the FGG straight push pull plug for microphones. This audio push pull plug comes with a cable collet and 2, 3, 4, or 5 contacts. It comes from the 00B Series, another line of quality push pull plugs you can always rely on from INTE-AUTO.

00B Mini Push Pull Plug

00B Mini Push Pull Plug

The INT-TGG 00B is another miniature rugged push pull plug with M7 size, fitting cables with 3mm diameter. It is a cable mount-style plug with a nut for fitting a bend relief. It is used in many applications including audio/video gadgets, earphones.

0P-PAG push pull plug

0P PAG Push Pull Plug

This fully sterilizable plastic push pull plug is a straight male insert with a nut for bend relief. It can come in different nut colors for easy identification. It is lightweight with a polycarbonate outer shell and PPS insulator. This plastic model can withstand up to 1000 mating cycles, work on the temperature from -20 degrees to + 80 degrees.

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Best Performance and Savings with Push Pull Plugs from INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO is the source for the world’s best-valued, top-quality connectors including push pull plugs.

We are a leader in push pull connector manufacturing, proving our expertise in such a short amount of time. Our plant is located in Shenzhen, China and we can send shipments of any size to any location you may be in the world.

What makes us unique is the amount of customization you can apply on the product you choose from us. If you cannot find your desired connector or push pull plug from our over 10,000 models, we can design and create your specific part. On top of that, we offer custom cable manufacturing and assembly, overmolding, and more.

Over the years, many customers have given our company 5 stars not just for our excellent connectors, but for our customer care. From our highly skilled and experienced technical team to our caring sales staff, we take the time to listen and care about your needs.

There’s nothing more you can wish for. With INTE-AUTO’s push pull connectors, you get more power, more space, and more cost savings. That’s total satisfaction.

When you put your trust in INTE-AUTO, you won’t look anywhere else.

Related Push Pull Sockets

plastic 0P push pull socket

Plastic 0P Push Pull Socket

INTE-AUTO’s P Series includes the female socket for the plastic push pull plug. It is made from the same quality polycarbonate material that gives it the ability to be steamed or autoclaved. Different colors to complement the plug are available. Both parts have gold-plated brass contacts.

EGG.00 push pull female connector

EGG.00 Push Pull Female Connector

The EGG 00 has an M7 miniature size fit for the TGG plug. It has an IP50 rating and is guaranteed to resist humidity, shock, vibration, moisture, and equipment heat.

coaxial ERA 00S mini connector

Coaxial ERA 0S Push Pull Socket

This coaxial panel mount receptacle is part number INT13-ZRA 0S and has 50Ω or 75Ω resistance. It is a female insert that provides a fast and secure connection through the push pull latching system. It is completely compatible with the S series coaxial connector and has a wide range of uses.

coaxial EPS-00 mini connector

Coaxial EPS 00 Push Pull Receptacle

This female elbow receptacle is designed for mounting on printed circuit boards. It is a coaxial connector with part number INT13-ZPS.00. It is completely compatible and interchangeable with the EPS.00
coaxial EPL mini connector

Coaxial EPL Push Pull Socket

The INT13-ZPL.00 is a NIM-CAMAC type coaxial connector. The design and 50Ω impedance ensure flawless power and data transfer on any connection. It is a great replacement for the EPL.00 connector.

DEE Hermetic Core Connector Fischer compatible

DEE IP68 Female Receptacle

We can supply DEE compatible female connectors, it is used for outdoor application, can reach IP68 degree. It is a good connection solution to find a replacement connectors. We can assure the quality and shorten your lead time to meet your production.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

     INTE-AUTO Export Push Pull Plug

Quality certified push-pull plug suppliers in China, you will find a full range of push-pull plugs here. INTE-AUTO offers good performance, reliability, and
thousands of mating cycles male push pull connectors.

Designed B series types of push pull plug, a self latching connection system design accurate pin arrange and groove keying push pull locking connectors, easily mated and unmated.

Core series push pull plug has a standard half shell code on the side of the insulator, robust and safe push pull plugs are required for high-speed data and
signal transfer.

Custom over-molded push pull plug to cable solutions from one source to support your start up business.

Creating the Perfect Connection Every time

Refer to push pull plug connectors, it is different connectors types, the push pull plugs perform can impact greatly on how your equipment are used. INTE-AUTO do not only make push pull plugs, it is about making reliable, innovative, high-tech connections solution.

INTE-AUTO push pull plugs can help you reduce assembly time to connect your devices and cable, although you want to blind mate the push pull plug to receptacle on the device.

Consider you want high mating times connected and disconnected from push pull plug to female receptacle on your device, INTE-AUTO push pull plug connectors offer up to 6000 mating cycles to help your devices keep more longer.

That is why INTE-AUTO push pull plug connectors make a difference and it is the way that we do it.

Get in touch with us to find push pull plug connector solutions for your premier application.

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