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Precision Push Pull Sockets

Front and Back Panel Mount Female Connectors

Superior Push Pull Sockets with Self-latching Connection System

The push pull latching system is a guarantee for secure and efficient connections. On top of that, push pull sockets are easy to use and quick to mate push pull plug. That’s why most leaders from across different industries utilize this connection system.

At INTE-AUTO, we enhance our connectors with the latest in push pull technology and the best in materials. This gives our customers durable and robust push pull sockets that can endure 5000 to 6000 mating cycles.

All the push pull socket could be mate with same range of push pull plug, INTE-AUTO push pull socket and connectors can be your alternative solution if you want to replace the supplier.

push pull socket with elbow contacts

Push Pull Socket with Elbow Contacts

This is the INT-ZCG with 90° elbow contacts from INTE-AUTO’s B Series. The bend contacts conveniently fit on printed circuit boards. It comes with your choice of 2 to 30 PCB contacts and A to L keys for faultless mating.

hybrid push pull socket

Hybrid Push Pull Socket

The hybrid INT-ZGG is designed to work with the 2B Series connectors. It has 6 low voltage contacts and 1 fluidic contact. This connector can fit cables with 4 to 9mm diameter. It is used for many industries particularly the medical, testing, and communications industries.

push pull hybrid connector low voltage and fluidic contacts

Push Pull Socket with Fluidic Contacts

The INT-ZG* is a hybrid push pull socket from the 3B Series allows for 8 current contacts plus 1 fluidic contact. It’s made from a chrome-plated brass outer shell with gold-plated contacts.

hybrid connector low voltage and coaxial contacts

Push Pull Socket with Coaxial Contacts

The INT-ZCG is another hybrid push pull receptacle but with coaxial contacts. It has 10 low voltage electrical contacts plus 1 coaxial contact. These powerful but lightweight connectors save space with their compact and rugged design.

ODU compatible coaxial push pull socket

Coaxial Push Pull Socket

The INT-ZRA is an 00S compatible coaxial female push pull receptacle from the S Series. This design can be ordered in M7, M9, or M12 sizes per your specific requirement. All of INTE-AUTO’s metal connectors are protected with 360° screening for full EMC shielding.

Lemo compatible ERA push pull socket

Push Pull Socket with Stepped Insert

This push pull socket is a multipole connector with stepped inserts. It could be compatible with ERA.  INTE-AUTO also offers custom cable manufacturing and assemblies for your convenience. We take your specifications and deliver your product accordingly.

compatible EPL.0S 1S push pull socket

Elbow Push Pull Socket

The INT-ZPL female socket with 90° elbow can be fixed through solder or screw. This is an EPG 0B 1B compatible push pull socket. It is made from a PPS (Polyphenylene) outer shell and is designed to be mounted on PCBs. It can be ordered with 2 to 8 contact options.

Lemo compatible EXG push pull socket

Right Angle Push Pull Socket

The INT-ZXP is a 90° elbow push pull socket connector with nut fixing. The design makes blind mating easy and guarantees no mismatching. The 0B Series comes in M9 size and the 1B Series has an M12 size.

Compatible Fischer DBP push pull socket

Fisher Push Pull Socket

The INT-DBPA socket is a black chrome-plated connector designed for use on military equipment. It comes from the F Series and is compatible with the DBP push pull connector. It is used in other industries where full security against accidental disconnections is a must.

Compatible Fischer D102 103 104 push pull socket

Panel Mount Push Pull Socket

The INT-D from the F Series is a panel mount receptacle compatible with many kinds of connectors including the D102 103 1031 104 105 series push pull connector. It is a multi-pin socket that is ideal for equipment with compact designs.

Compatible Fischer DEE push pull socket

IP68 Push Pull Socket

The INT-DEE from our F Series catalog is a hermetic IP68 panel mount receptacle. It is a perfect replacement or substitute to existing Fisher push pull socket connectors. INTE-AUTO can provide overmolding injection services for your convenience.

egg 0b push pull socket

Push Pull Socket with black chrome

Black chrome plating is available for those who prefer their connectors black instead of the usual silver metal color. Regardless of the color, all of INTE-AUTO’s push pull connectors have the same signal integrity, ruggedness, and reliability.

Get Your Push Pull Sockets Now

Quality Push Pull Sockets from INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO gives you the advantage with highly customizable products including quality push pull sockets. These products are compatible with other existing brands in the market and work excellently with any application, device, and industry.

Some of our push pull socket options include different keying options (G, A, B, C, H, J) that protect connections from ever mismating. You have the choice between different sizes as well as 2 to 32 pins and configurations. Solder, crimp, PCB contacts are available. We also provide customized cable manufacturing, overmolding, and assemblies.

INTE-AUTO push pull sockets deliver superior performance with our standard 360° EMC shielding, dust proofing, waterproof, IP68,  extreme temperature endurance, and salt spray resistance. All products are CE and RoHS certified.

Related Male Push Pull Connectors

right angle push pull connector FHG 0B 1B 2B 3B

Right Angle Push Pull Connector

The INT-THG from the B Series has a standard G key and a 90° elbow for bend relief. You have a wide range of pin number choices from 2 to 32. This push pull connector is widely used in many industries and can be quickly ordered in bulk.

Odu waterproof FGG connector

Waterproof Push Pull Connector

The INT-TGG straight plug from the K Series is a waterproof straight plug with an IP68 rating. The collet design clamps strongly around the cable for a secure fit. IP68 connectors from INTE-AUTO work seamlessly in outdoor or moist environments.

Fischer compatible push pull connector

F Series Push Pull Connector

The male INT-S push pull connector is designed a half-shell code. It can endure over 6000 mating cycles without fault and can have a mated IP rating of IP50 or IP68. It can be ordered with either a G or A key.

Fischer compatible push pull male plug

F Series Push Pull Male Plug

The INT-S push pull male plugs from INTE-AUTO feature a shielding efficiency of up to over 75dB for total noiseless connections. These advanced connectors work superbly with Fisher push pull products as well.
FGG 1K push pull connector

Watertight Push Pull Connector

The FGG.1K provides a watertight connection with an IP66 to 68 rating. It is specially designed for extreme working conditions with its rugged housing and secure latching system. INTE-AUTO allows customized alterations with the key system, size, configuration, and number of contacts.

FGG 1B push pull connector

B Series IP50 Push Pull Connector

The FGG 00B 0B 1B 2B 3B 4B from the B Series is a cable-mount plug available in 6 sizes. You also have the choice of 3 termination types: solder, crimp, or PCB. This electrical push pull connector has gold-plated brass contacts.

FGG 0B push pull connector

Male TGG Straight Plug

We have high-quality connectors that rival the best in the industry. Like this push pull connector with cable collet and nut for bend relief. Aside from top-notch performance and best savings, we guarantee the fast shipping of your orders.
90-degree Push Pull Connector

90-Degree THG Plug

This elbow cable connector from the B Series is a line connector to use in the narrow space. It is a multi-core, high-density metal connector with a G key. At INTE-AUTO, top-quality products are affordable and give you the best value for your investment.

WSO102 103 104 105 right angle plug

Right Angle WSO Plug

This righat anlge plug availabe sizes are WSO102 103 1031 104 105 series, INTE-AUTO have 2 to 37 pins. It is a multipins plug with the keying code for blind mating. We always insist on develop and research top-grade push pull connectors with cost-effective. 

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