push-pull self-locking connector

Secure and Easy to Mate
Self-locking Connectors

Best Mating System in the Market

Secure and Easy to Mate
Self-locking Connectors

Best Mating System in the Market

Top-performance, High-density and Rugged, Push Pull Plugs

Reliable Self-locking Connectors

Self-locking connectors are in demand in the market because of their reputation for contact reliability, resistance to ingress, and security against accidental disconnections. This is important in the industry as more and more devices reliant on cables and connectors.

INTE-AUTO has some of the best and most affordable self-locking connectors available today. The detailed engineering and manufacturing assure you of their high quality. We have so many designs, sizes, and configurations to choose from for any application.

Contact us today for the exact connector you’re looking for.

self-locking connector
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waterproof self-locking connector

Waterproof Self-locking Connector

Find extra security and convenience with the watertight K series INT-TGG and INT-ZEG. This combo is IP68-rated with 2 to 32 pins. They are from the K Series of connectors designed specifically for outdoor use.

self-locking connector with earthing tab

Self-locking Connector with Earthing Tab

We offer the B series INT-TGG(Z) and INT-ZNG with earthing tab to ground your line and prevent dangerous current surges. This combination features a cable collet in M9 to M18 sizes. It has a nut for fitting bend relief.

self-locking connector FGA EGA 0B 1B 2B 3B

Self-locking Connector FGA EGA 0B 1B 2B 3B

This is the INT-TGA and INT-ZGA combination with 2 keys and a cable collet. They can have 2 to 32 pins with your choice of soldering, crimping, or PCB core-type termination. The plug includes a nut for fitting bend relief. They are rated IP50.

self-locking connector 14 pins FGG EGG

14-Pin Self-locking Connector FGG EGG

Our B Series includes INT-TGG and INT-ZGG pairs with multi pins. The panel mount fixed receptacle has a nut and a female solder contact. They can be configured for cable or panel mounting.

right angle self-locking connector

Right-angle Self-locking Connector

The INT-THG(Z) is a self-locking push pull plug with a 90° elbow angle, back nut for fitting strain sleeve and solder contacts. It is a space-saving model from the B Series. The angle can help relieve cable strain.

fisher self-locking connector

Fisher Self-locking Connector

Our Fisher F Series gives you both high quality and the best cost savings with core technology. These high-density connectors feature the half-shell key which further prevents mismating. A short plug version is available.

FGG PHG 0B 1B 2B 3B self-locking connector

FGG PHG 0B 1B 2B 3B Self-locking Connector

This pair of cable-mount connectors feature both straight plug-type male and female components to support wiring. The INT-TGG and INT-DHG combination has a cable collet, one or two keys, and a maximum of M18 size.

fgg ECG 2b self-locking connector

FGG ECG 2B Self-locking Connector

We have the INT-TGG and INT-ZCG combination of metal connectors from the B Series. They have an M7, M9, M12, M16, M18 size with 2 or 32 solder contacts and an IP50 rating.

coaxial self-locking connector

Coaxial Self-locking Connector

Our coaxial S Series includes this INT-TFA and INT-ZRA pair. They feature a unipole socket and plug with a nut for fitting bend relief. You can order the miniature M7 up to the larger M15 size in the 00S to 2S.

cable self-locking connector

Cable Mount Self-locking Connector

This is our S Series half-moon insert connectors, the model INT-TFA and DCA are available in M9, M12, M15 sizes. It’s a powerful connector that transmits up to 230A current. It also has a multi-pole version with up to 6 contacts.

90 degree self-locking connector

FGG EPG Self-locking Connector

At INTE-AUTO, you can customize your self-locking male or female connector to have a 90° configuration to fit your equipment. Try the INT-TGG with the INT-ZGP. The female elbow receptacle is the best for PCB mounting.

1S 6 pins FFA ERA self-locking connector

6-pin FFA ERA Self-locking Connector

The INT-TFA and INT-ZRA pair of connectors feature a half-moon stepped insulator design. The male plug and female socket have 2, 3,4,5, 6, 8 contacts, they can fit Φ3.0mm to Φ9.0mm cable. The plug has a nut for bend relief.

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The Best Mating Mechanism for Circular Connectors

Security is important with every wiring connection. Data can be lost, power interrupted, or equipment damaged by fluctuating current and connections.

Your application may be simple or life-crucial, but you can need error-free and smooth operations.

Good thing the self-locking mating system has enabled a high level of security for any application. You can find this technology perfected in INTE-AUTO’s self-locking circular connectors.

They are easy to lock and unlock without worrying about accidental disconnection. And you can use them to replace any brand of similar connector you are currently using.

We can apply this same technology to any equipment or use. Talk to one of our engineers today for a unique solution specially designed for your specific needs.

Related Products

SS DBP 102 103 104 105 self-locking connector

SS DBP 102 103 104 105 Self-locking Connector

The INT-SS is available in 0F to 3F series sizes. It is a cable mount plug and cable collet. The female partner, the INT-DBP, is a fixed mount receptacle with solder or PCB-type termination.

Fisher 1 pin self-locking connector

Fisher 1-Pin Self-locking Connector

Our Fisher F Series includes this 1-pin self-locking plug and receptacle with cable collet and nut for bend relief. They are structurally sound and dependable as the locking mechanism is integrated into the housing.

F series 4 pins self-locking connector

F Series 4-Pin Self-locking Connector

Be amazed at the durability and precision of our F Series military-grade connectors. They have the self-locking mechanism with a half-shell key for exact mating. Plugs and receptacles can have male or female contacts.

4 pins fisher self-locking connector

4-Pin Fisher Self-locking Connector

The INT-SS from the F Series is compatible with other popular connectors in the market. The female INT-DBP is a vacuum-tight, fixed socket for back panel mounting. They can be commonly found in automotive and medical applications.

Manufacturing and Technical Details


Most frequent questions and answers

INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connector is a small bridge between two devices that takes responsibility for data, current, signals or fluid transmission from one device to the other.

It consists of two main external parts called a socket and a plug.

The device or cable where you need to send data, signals or current is connected to the socket.

The plug is connected with the device or cable from where you need to receive data or current for transmission.

The term ‘’self-locking’’ in INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors clearly means that you do not need to apply much effort and time to lock and unlock these connectors.

It is because there is a strong self-latching mechanism installed in the plug and socket in order to complete the locking and unlocking process.

Nowadays, this mechanism is in great demand for all applications where connectors are used for data and current transmission.

You can get straight or elbow configurations of these connectors with a facility of solder, PCB or crimp contacts.

Figure 1 Self-Locking Connectors of INTE-AUTO

Figure 1 INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors


INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors follow a simple rule for mating and un-mating.

The mating and un-mating totally depend on the self-latching mechanism installed into these connectors.

When you need to mate the plug and socket, you need to push the plug into the socket such that all the plug contacts enter into the socket holes.

During mating, the following process occurs:

  • The self-latching mechanism consists of two half arrowhead shape latches inside the connector’s plug.
  • When you push the plug into the socket, the latches inside the plug retract with the outer shell walls.
  • There is a space inside the socket similar to the shape of the plug’s half arrowhead latches.
  • When the plug’s latches reach that socket half arrowhead shape space, the arrowheads quickly lock or fit into that space.
  • The plug and socket are now strongly mated, and your data, current, signals or fluid can be easily transferred from one device to the other.
  • To un-mate the connection, the outer shell of the plug should be pushed in the backward direction.
  • Doing this will release the plug’s half arrowhead shape latches from the socket grooves, and the plug can then easily be removed from the socket.

Figure 2 Mating Mechanism of INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors

Figure 2 INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connector’s Mating Mechanism

Yes, INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors can easily and strongly defend accidental cable tugs.

The self-latching mechanism in these connectors does not allow the plug and socket to disconnect even in harsh conditions.

You can only break the connection if you push back the outer shell of the plug.

Figure 3 Power Lock of INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors

Figure 3 INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors Power Lock


INTE-AUTO manufactures different types of Self-Locking Connectors that give you different ingress protection ratings.

All the types are strong enough to be used in various challenging situations.

INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors are available in IP50, IP66, IP67 and IP68 ratings.

It is up to you what type of Self-Locking Connector is needed to fulfill your data, current or signals transmission.

Figure 4 IP Ratings for INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors

Figure 4 INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connector’s IP Rating

Yes, you can easily and quickly fit a bend relief with INTE-AUTO Male Self-Locking Connectors.

Although INTE-AUTO manufactures both types of Male Self-Locking Connectors that have variants or may not have variants.

So, if you want to avoid bending of the cable near the plug, you can order a Self-Locking Connector with a variant.

Figure 5 Variant of INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connectors

Figure 5 INTE-AUTO Self-Locking Connector’s Variant

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