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INTE-AUTO offers a wide range of configurable signal connector designs in various codings (S, T, X, F, E, A, B, D, and more) and positions. There are many choices of pin counts (2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12) for both male and female ends. We offer different mounting arrangements including solder or PCB. Our products are rated IP66 to 68 for superior mated environment protection.

All connectors are gold-plated for reliable and robust data connections in higher bandwidths. This accommodates the ever-rising amounts of data in today’s connections with the least amount of signal loss.

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signal connector with cable

Signal Connector with Cable

This is an M5 size female connector with 4 female pins and a straight molded-on cable. It has gold-plated pins and a solder cup for easy and secure wire connecting. It is protected with a rating of IP67 to IP68.

signal connector cable assembly

Signal Connector Cable Assembly

We offer complete and customized cable assembly for all our connectors including our signal connectors. We do overmolding on cable to plug and receptacles, and offer cable assembly, and custom manufacturing of a wide variety of cables.

M8 Signal Connector to Cable

M8 Signal Connector to Cable

Our M8 connectors can have solder, molded-on power cables. They are also available in crimp or solder termination. This cable  is a female socket with S coding fit for wire gauge or 22 to 26 AWG.

m12 signal connector with cable

M12 Signal Connector with Cable

We can manufacture the cable ourselves and assemble it using injection molding. We have high-quality copper cables jacketed with PVC insulation. Alternatively, you may supply us with your cable of choice to be shipped to you fully assembled.

M5 M8 M12 signal connector

M5 Signal Connector to Wire

We offer many options with our quality signal plugs and receptacles for M5 series connectors. You can choose A, B, D, or P coding. Also available are standard or dual cables, panel mount with wiring, plus many other choices in male or female configurations.

M5 connectors to cable

M5 Connectors to Cable

M5 connectors can have a straight or right-angle configuration with angle molding, front or rear-fastened panel mounting, or male or female straight molding. They are rated 60V/1A and are available in any length you require.

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Increase Your Profits with INTE-AUTO’s Signal Connectors

The way to decrease costs is to source all your connector needs from one manufacturer. INTE-AUTO is highly capable in all stages of connector manufacturing from design, to production, to testing, to cable assembly. And we do it all with precision, care, and expertise no matter the volume of the order.

Signal data connectors are one of our latest products developed after years of research and perfection. We are continually expanding our portfolio with diverse designs so clients can have as many innovative solutions as they need. This is also proof of our wide technological and manufacturing prowess.

We have the technology to build your specified signal connectors in the shortest lead time possible. We can do this even in mass production.

Therefore, we are your best choice as a connector supplier As a matter of fact, we have thousands of connector designs available, ready, and in stock. That includes quality signal plugs and receptacles.

If you’re looking for advanced engineering, fast prototyping, high-quality manufacturing, precise cable assembly, and quick shipping of your custom signal connectors with the best prices, INTE-AUTO has it all.

Related Connectors for Signal

waterproof aviation signal plug

Waterproof Aviation Signal Plug

We have the INT13-WP20 which features a bayonet connection and a plastic nylon outshell. These multi-pin aviation plugs are prepared to take in high pressures, freezing temperatures, and other forces at high altitudes.

signal waterproof aviation plug connecto

Signal Waterproof Aviation Connector

The WP20-type connector provides watertight IP68 connections in durable PA66 nylon housing. It provides solder contact 2 to 12 pin options. It’s secured by a screw thread socket. The example above is a 2-pin model.

signal connector plug

IP68 Signal Connector Plug

Our waterproof and dustproof signal plug connectors provide stable, ample power to LED devices like lights and displays. They perform perfectly even in outdoor applications where they are exposed to elements like heat and rain.

four-hole waterproof aviation plug signal connector

Waterproof Aviation Signal Connector

One of our bestsellers is the IP67 waterproof plug and flange receptacle, they are cost-effective, adapt many applications in the automotive, consumer, and industrial sectors. These can have solder or screw-type assemblies with 2 to 12 pins in their high-performing alloy-plastic shell.
circular waterproof aviation plug signal connector

Circular Waterproof Signal Connector

This bayonet-type locking industrial signal connector is a multi-core waterproof aviation plug and receptacle. The example above is a 3-pin model, but it is also available in 2 to 12-pin configurations. The protection index is outstanding at IP66, 67, or 68. It features gold over nickel contacts.

6 Pins two hole waterproof signal connectors

6-Pin Flange Waterproof Signal Connectors

This 6-pin WP20-type waterproof receptacle features a 2-hole flange for easy screw mounting. It is a high-power socket for LED equipment with an IP68 rating. We have an optional dust cap in pearl or black chrome.

Manufacturing and Technical Details

The Best Connector Supplier for Your Business

INTE-AUTO Technologies, Inc. is a China-based manufacturer of circular interconnect solutions for various industries. We have clients in the military, medical, automotive, aerospace, industrial, scientific, testing and research, and nuclear fields. We also provide top-quality, practical connector solutions for consumer electronics, communications and broadcasting equipment, cosmetic devices, and much more.

In short, we are trusted across all industries for providing the best products for their needs. This is also because we have the best prices you can ever find in the connector market today.

Signal data connectors are one of our latest products developed after years of research and perfection. We are continually expanding our portfolio with diverse designs so clients can have as many innovative solutions as they need. This is also proof of our wide technological and manufacturing prowess.

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China, and was established in 2013. We have 23 production lines plus complete machinery and equipment with the capacity to fill high-volume orders in short lead times. We guarantee top quality and 100% testing with every order.

Partner with us and we promise to give you our best.

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