Reliable IP65 IP66 IP67 IP68 Watertight Connectors

Fully Protected Against Liquids and Particulates

Aviation Watertight Connectors

With INTE-AUTO’s top-class connectors, you can be confident that your electrical connections are safe and protected. They have an ingress protection rating of IP65 to 68. These ratings mean that they are tested and proven effective from exposure to water jets all the way to full liquid immersion.

Thus, these powerful products are ideal for outdoor use and in any type of weather.

Watertight connectors are not only designed against liquid ingress, but they also hold strong against fine particulates, extreme heat, vibration, shock, and strong pulls on the cable. They are 100% quality tested before shipping, so you are guaranteed ruggedness and high performance.

watertight connectors
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WY28 series watertight connector

WY28 Series Watertight Connector

The INT13-WY28J26ZG plug and INT13-WY28K26TE socket is a pair of high-grade metal connectors for military equipment. They have 26 pins and are compatible with any WY28 connector from other brands.

WP20 watertight plug and four hole socket

WP20 Watertight Plug and Flange Socket

Our WP20 Series includes dustproof, multi-pin, male and female connectors with a bayonet-type coupling. They’re made of nylon and zinc alloy casing and can have 2 to 12 pins. The plug can have female contacts.

WP20 watertight connector

WP20 Watertight Connector

This pair of INT13-WP2010 vacuum-tight connectors supports the highest rating index of IP68. They’re plastic connectors with threaded coupling and 3 pins. The plug has female contacts and the socket has male contacts.

WF16 watertight plug female contacts

WF16 Watertight Plug Female Contacts

This 2-pin connector is a WF16 short plug with an IP67 rating. It has female gold-plated brass contacts.  It can be ordered with a dust cap.

WF16 IP65 watertight plug connector

WF16 IP65 Watertight Plug Connector

This plug is the INT13-WF1610, a watertight male connector used in the aviation industry but can be used for other applications as well. It can be used for inline cable or cable to panel-mount installations.

WF16 IP65 watertight connector female

WF16 IP65 Watertight Connector Female

This round female WF16 connector has 4 pins and an IP65 dust cap for security. It is also available in flange configuration and can have female pins. It also has a flange-type version with 4 holes.

short shell SS plug DEE socket Overmolded Watertight Connector

Overmolded Watertight Connector

This is a pair of short-shell SS plug DEE socket over-molded waterproof connectors, with a half-shell keying system for faultless blind mating. The short plug is the INT-SS male connector while the female is the INT-DEE. They can have 2 to 19 pins.

Right angle Plug socket watertight connector

Right Angle Plug Socket Watertight Connector

Watertight plugs and sockets are also available in 90° configuration. If you require a space-saving plug with bend relief and a guaranteed waterproof connection, we have the INT-THG. This is paired with the INT-ZGG.

Pearl chrome IP68 watertight connector

Pearl Chrome IP65 Watertight Connector

The pearl chrome finished INT-SS is a short plug designed for cable mounting. It also has a half-shell key and brass housing material. This waterproof connector can have 2 to 27 pins. It is paired with the INT-D socket. They are from our F/Core Series.

fisher watertight connector black chrome

F Series Watertight Connector Black Chrome

This hermetic plug and socket pair is the INT-SCB with the INT-DEE in black chrome. It can also be ordered with plastic strain relief. They are available in M9 to M18 sizes (0F to 3F Series). They have an IP68 rating even when unmated.

FGG EGG Push Pull Watertight Connector

FGG EGG Push Pull Watertight Connector

Our metal INT-TGG (male) and INT-ZGG (female) are FGG-EGG equivalents. The waterproof versions are in our K Series. They are available in 2 to 30 pins with pearl chrome or black chrome finish.

1K FGG EGG 14 pins watertight connector

14-Pin Watertight Connector

We offer the metal INT-TGG and the INT-ZEG with elbow contacts. They have an IP68 rating, a fixed nut, and multipins. They are specifically designed for outdoor use. They are available in the miniature M14 size up to the M20 size.

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Safety is Guaranteed with INTE-AUTO’s Reliable Watertight Connectors

The water-tight characteristic of connectors serve to protect the wiring, the connections themselves, and the equipment they’re attached to against interruptions and damage. This is the promise of INTE-AUTO’s reliable watertight and dust-proof connectors.

This is achieved through clever engineering and the use of ruggedized components. Thus, they bear the seal of IP65 to IP68.

This amount of protection also means they don’t corrode easily. They can endure events like flooding, splashes, or rain without damage to the outer shell or the components.

Despite the advanced technology, they are easy to install and use.

Related Products

SP13 SP17 SP21 Watertight connector

SP13 SP17 SP21 Watertight Connector

We have in stock the standard SP13, SP17, and SP21 watertight connectors with threaded coupling.  They are some of the most widely used power cable connectors today. The INT-SP Series are made of fire-resistant PA66 nylon which can withstand up to 85°C of heat.

SP13 17 21 watertight socket

SP13 17 21 Watertight Socket

Tested for over 500 mating cycles, our watertight INT13-SP1310, INT13-SP17, and INT13-SP21 connectors have gold-plated brass contacts. They are amazingly tough and very hard to deform despite the plastic outshell. They are rated IP68.

SP13 17 21 watertight plug

SP13 17 21 Watertight Plug

The INT13-SP13 can have 2 to 7 contacts, while the INT13-SP17 can have 2 to 9 contacts. The biggest of the series, the INT13-SP21 can have 2 to 12 contacts. They are lightweight and great for portable devices with outdoor exposure.

SP13 17 21 Connector Socket

SP13 17 21 Fixed Socket

Our SP Series waterproof connectors are often used for outdoor LED lighting and military defense applications. This multipin free receptacle is a circular model with a standard dust cap.
2-hole flange female watertight connector

Two-Hole Flange Female Watertight Connector

An alternative to the circular female socket is this 2-hole flange-mounted receptacle. It is easy to install and has the same screw lock mating system. It is widely used in the aviation industry.

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