What is IP Rating?

IP Rating

All electrical enclosures and devices have an IP rating. For example, the current computer you’re using may be rated IP14. On the other hand, your new smartphone might have an IP67 code.


Ingress Protection is an international standard that rates the degree of sealing protection of electrical devices against foreign materials. These materials can be solid or liquid, such as dirt or water. It is more commonly called IP Rating.

The International Standard EN 60529 defines Ingress Protection. Because of this standard, all electrical devices anywhere in the world can be expected to be sealed and protected the same way. This gives customers the advantage of knowing what to expect even if they order parts, devices, and equipment from other countries.

You can expect to find an IP rating set for the smallest handheld devices up to the largest industrial electrical enclosures.


How to Interpret an IP Rating

The IP rating consists of the letters IP followed by a 2-digit number.

The first number indicates the protection rating against solids. This number is anywhere from 0 to 6. The higher the digit, the higher its protection level. Therefore, the number 0 indicates that the device has no special protection against solid invasion.

The appropriate digit will tell engineers if the component is protected against objects such as a human hand up to the finest particulates.

The second number shows the level of protection against liquids. This number ranges from 0 to 9K. Just like the first digit, a higher number indicates a higher level of protection.

The appropriate second digit shows engineers that the component is protected against light rain up to a high-pressure wash.


Code Meaning


Code Meaning


No protection against solid ingress


No protection against liquid ingress


Protection against solid objects bigger than 50mm


Protection against moisture when the device is fully upright


Protection against solid objects bigger than 12mm


Protection against dripping water even with device tilt of up to 15°


Protection against solid objects bigger than 2.5mm


Protection against moisture even with device tilt of up to 60°


Protection against solid objects bigger than 1mm


Protection against liquid splash up to 10 minutes of oscillating spray


Partial protection against dust and fine particles


Protection against low-pressure liquid jets from any angle


Full vacuum-tight sealing against dust and other fine solid particles


Protection against high-pressure liquid jets from any angle


Protection against full liquid immersion for up to 30 minutes to a depth of up to 15 meters


Protection against full liquid immersion to lower depths and higher liquid pressures. The length of immersion and level of pressure is set by the manufacturer.


The highest level of possible protection against moisture, jet sprays, steam cleans, and liquid immersion.


Both numbers are read together as a full rating. Therefore, a rating of IP68 indicates dust-tight qualities plus water-tight protection even if submerged in liquid and pressure for hours.

Also, note that some manufacturers use the code ‘X’ instead of ‘0’. This means that the device or machine offers no protection against solid or liquid penetration. Therefore, a rating of IPx5 would mean that no special protection was provided against solids but would have protection against low-pressure liquid jets.

If a device is sealed against liquids, it’s considered airtight, too.


How Engineers Utilize the IP System

Engineers use the IP rating standard in designing products or selecting parts that would go into a system. The goal is always to create a durable product with a long life.

Manufacturing a reliable product or system is determined by knowing the environment where it will operate. This working environment dictates the requirements. With the IP rating standard, these requirements are quantified for easy identification.

It’s easy to claim a water-resistant or waterproof product, but the IP code clearly states to what degree it is waterproofed. The engineer can then easily choose the proper component that will meet the required rating.

It’s important to understand that manufacturers do not rate their own products. The IP rating is assigned by an independent and certified company after thorough testing of the product. This maintains objectivity and gives manufacturers confidence about their product claims.

IP ratings also keep consumers or users safe. People are made aware of a product’s proper application through the degree of ingress protection indicated. This lessens the incidence of injury and damage to equipment.


INTE-AUTO’s IP68 Connectors

This is why we are proud of our IP68 connectors.

INTE-AUTO doesn’t just claim dust-proofing or waterproofing of their products. All of these are certified with their ingress protection ratings as assigned.

Our circular connectors undergo numerous testing. Some of these are against humidity, high-temperature washing, and salt spray corrosion.

Our metal and plastic connectors are rated IP50, 66, 67, or 68. Depending on the IP rating, they are reliable even if exposed to harsh elements such as mud, rain, flooding, or high moisture. This gives you so many possible applications.

We achieved these ratings through careful design and precise engineering. We are a company fully committed to creating top-quality connectors. Because of this, we adhere only to the strictest standards in the industry.

INTE-AUTO is an audited and certified supplier of world-class circular connectors. Our plant is located in Shenzhen, China where our highly equipped facility is staffed with excellent personnel.

We have been in the business for 10 years and have some of the best engineers in the industry. Many clients trust us, including military, medical, avionics, automotive, broadcasting, consumer electronics, and industrial sectors.

There are thousands of connectors in stock with different makes and models for you to choose from. You will find our high manufacturing capacity and no minimum order quantities to your favor.

So if you require highly durable, efficient, and cost-effective connectors with the highest IP ratings, INTE-AUTO is the name to remember.

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