What Types of Custom Cable do INTE-AUTO do?

Types of custom cable assemblies

You can buy a cable assembly as per its application. These cable assemblies are pretty specific for a particular use.
For example, doctors use a specific type of cable assembly for several machines. They use the machines for surgery and checking patients’ conditions.
Automobile engineers use application-specific cables for car work. They are helpful to connect to many systems at once. Application-Specific cables help the different specialists. It gives them excellent performance in the network.
We can build coaxial/RF custom cable assemblies from more than 1300 types of connectors and around 125 types of coax cables. No matter if you are looking for a standard cable or customized cable as per your specific requirements. INTE-AUTO helps you to build custom Coaxial/RF cable assemblies for your requirements.
Fiber Optic Cable Assembly
Fiber Optic cable can further be of two types. You can buy a multimode or a single-mode fiber optic cable assembly depending upon your particular need. These cables act as connectors between two optical devices. Fiber optic cable assemblies are quite convenient and a time-saver. As you can quickly patch or dispatch the ends of fiber optic cable assemblies as per the demand.
The length cords of custom fiber optic cable differ as per your specific need. So, INTE-AUTO can design them as per your demand. We can also design purpose-built fiber optic cable in different configurations. We do this by using a large variety of connectors and specialized optical fiber. To customize a well-suited custom fiber optic cable assembly for you.
Heavy Duty
The heavy-duty cables stand against difficult natural conditions. They survive in the wind, snow, rain, or frost. The experts use them on container cranes. The technology in custom heavy-duty cables ensures the transfer signal in the high current range. It works well, even in a vibrating environment.
You can buy a custom heavy-duty cable as per your unique needs and requirements. INTE-AUTO is known to provide genuine and trouble-free network customized heavy-duty cables.
High-Speed Data Cable Assemblies
High-speed data cable assemblies have a large array of cable assemblies. You can use these for Infotainment modules, Headend units, Cluster displays, Consumer ports, etc.
High-speed data cables provide next-level connectivity by fulfilling the 100G Ethernet requirements. We design high-speed data cable assemblies that can support the total data rates of 25, 50, 100, and 200 GB/s. INTE-AUTO offers custom-made high-speed data cable assemblies. We ensure that these stands up to your performance and certification criteria.
Over-molded cables are the complete assembly. It combines the connector and wire in one part. The process involves inserting a liquid material into a mold cavity. An expert forms it in the desired shape when it cools. An engineer builds a mold cavity into a simple design. It does not involve marking. They are perfect for complex power transfers, connection signals, and more.
Power or High Voltage
A high-voltage cable is essential for electric power transfer. High-voltage cables have a rated protection system. The system consists of a metallic shield and a semicon layer.
INTE-AUTO provides high-power custom cable assemblies that are fast as well as reliable. We provide a comprehensive custom cable solution as per your demand. You can choose from a wide variety of receptacles, high-power connectors, high-power assemblies, and X-ray cables.
Telecom or Modular Assemblies
Modular assemblies consist of the electronic circuit module. It has electrical contacts. Buy high-performance telecom or modular custom cable assemblies for quick transfer of data.
INTE-AUTO makes sure that you get supreme quality telecom custom cables. We ensure this by providing you the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of cable types and connectors.

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