The Importance of Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Data acquisition or DAQ is the process of digitizing real-world data so it can be displayed, analyzed, and stored in computers. Examples of this data include pressure, humidity, force, movement, temperature, vibration, and other physical phenomena.

Data acquisition is extremely important in so many industries. Through reports and analyses, it helps businesses:

  • avoid failures
  • ensure compliance with standards
  • maintain reliability
  • and improve efficiency.

There have been several widely accepted standards for DAQ over the years. The earliest and simplest one is NIM.

The NIM standard provided power and interconnection between DAQ modules. Low voltage power of either 6, 12, or 24V was supplied through these connectors.

Next came CAMAC which allowed not just power, but data transfer. This is because CAMAC crates can interface directly with a computer through an interface. A interfaces is a system by which different computer components communicate with each other.


Connectors Make DAQ Possible

Everywhere you look, there is some form of DAQ system installed. Companies and businesses use DAQ systems for research and development, quality control, testing, process control, manufacturing, real-time monitoring, and so much more.


And all DAQ Systems Need Connectors.

Interconnectivity is the one important factor with which all the processes of DAQ are completed. That’s why NIM-CAMAC connectors are crucial to the process. They are the gateway for various equipment to interact with one another.

To get the best results, connectors must be precise and have the same standard as the DAQ system and its components. They should be able to minimize interference or noise for more accurate data or signal.

These NIM-CAMAC connectors should be easy to connect and disconnect. This is for ease of handling as well as to avoid damage to the module and the cables.

NIM-CAMAC connectors should also be small enough so dozens of them can fit a modular crate without any problems. Bulky designs and exposed latches are not an option, as they can be damaged. Or, they may not be able to fit the required number of connections on a modular crate DAQ system. Today, some DAQ systems have become handheld and need even more durable and compact NIM-CAMAC connectors.

These NIM-CAMAC connectors should be durable enough to withstand thousands of mating cycles without affecting efficiency. Thus, the connector and its contacts should be made of quality materials.

Even though they’re small, NIM-CAMAC connectors should have an optional coaxial pins and configurations. With the many connectors on the modular crate, it’s important to identify the correct receptacle to avoid mismating.


The Best NIM-CAMAC Connectors are at INTE-AUTO

INTE-AUTO understands the need for fast and accurate data acquisition. That’s why we have the best quality NIM-CAMAC connectors for you.

You can find the exact kind of NIM-CAMAC connectors you need from our catalog. They all have the push pull self-latching system for ease of use and quick mating and unmating. The push pull locking mechanism is a durable and easy latching system that guarantees no accidental disconnections. It is secure, precise, and makes plugging and unplugging fast and uncomplicated.

The brass outer shell and the gold-plated contacts ensure ruggedness and precision even in very harsh or mobile situations. Even with extreme temperatures and humidity, they can last for over 6000 mating cycles. They are corrosion, salt spray, and shock-resistant. With these factors alone, they are already clearly economical and practical.

INTE-AUTO’s NIM-CAMAC 00S Series includes a wide range of miniature connectors with an IP50 rating for dustproof connections. They also have 360° EMC shielding and 50Ω impedance for noiseless data transfers.

With its M7 size, our NIM-CAMAC connectors are the smallest IP50-rated circular connectors in existence. Numerous of these can fit into modular DAQ systems easily without hitting other connectors or cables. We also have 00S male and female elbow coaxial NIM-CAMAC connectors designed for PCBs. You have the choice of unipole solder contacts and coded G keying with up to 5 pins.

All these top-performing miniature NIM-CAMAC connectors are compact, powerful, and convenient to use. They are designed for hectic environments where there may be subject to movement, vibrations, tugging, or dust. They are lightweight, making them perfect even for hand-held DAQ systems.

Because of their quality and efficiency, our NIM-CAMAC connectors pass nuclear NIM-CAMAC CD/N 549 standards. They provide superior electrical performance with the lowest possible noise. That’s why they are the choice for various devices and instrumentation in the NDT, audio, video, testing, sensor, headphone, automotive, and aerospace fields.

On top of that, they have so many commercial applications, such as for HD800 headphones and other video and communications equipment.

INTE-AUTO miniature NIM-CAMAC connectors are available in the 00S Series push pull coaxial and 00B Series multi-pin push pull variety. Browse our catalog for our complete list of NIM-CAMAC connectors.

But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, INTE-AUTO can create custom NIM-CAMAC connectors for you. Send us your required parameters so we can design and manufacture them specifically for your DAQ system or appliance. Our knowledgeable engineers are ready to assist you and guide you through the process. They can even add cabling manufacture and assembly to your NIM-CAMAC connectors for a complete, no-hassle package.

You’ll be delighted with our quick lead times and fast shipping. And we are pleased to provide you with great customer service.

Most of all, our NIM-CAMAC connectors are very competitively priced. With their high standard of quality, these dependable NIM-CAMAC connectors are your best options in the market.

When it comes to the highest quality with the fairest price, INTE-AUTO is the name to remember. We invite you to have a sample delivered to you for testing. Get in touch with us today.

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